I walked the wee deer paths in the woods this morning. They take you to very different spaces than those made by human feet. Dead trees, like the one above, would be cleared away on the well maintained tracks that run round the loch and hills. The deer paths are narrow and winding, and easy to lose sight of at times - in summer the bracken hides them completely - but they lead through, and to, peaceful places. Good places to sit and contemplate, or just to sit and breathe.

I sit and think about my book here, the one that I'm editing for publication in the autumn, 'The Mermaid and the Bear'. It has become a little more romantic during the editing process, and I think that's a good thing. It's hard to know, to strike the right balance between serious historical fiction and a love story, to detail terrible events and yet imbue the pages, some of the pages, with fun and hilarity and romance. But then, maybe all stories are a mix of these? Maybe all lives? These are the places the deer paths lead me today.

Another place I've been playing lately, is Pinterest. I've made a board for the book, which is a sweet and meditative activity, good for contemplation again. And pretty. It's very pretty :)

I did a fair bit of running around with my camera during the February snow. That is documented: here with castles and here with a stone circle. I visited the local Witch Stone on a frosty day and found it to be harbouring some unexpected denizens!

The featured site today is Postcards from Kerry, in particular a post she wrote after a conversation we had on my blog: The Rocking Stones of Auchmallidie.

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