This afternoon I wandered through the grounds of Duff House with friends.


We originally met at a Halloween party eight years ago, a fact that sprang easily to mind as we investigated the 18th century Gothic mausoleum.


Above: an effigy of a knight at the rear of the building. Sadly it is not Robert the Bruce as once purported. The skulls, crossbones and wheat are quite common on older graves in Aberdeenshire. Below: the interior of the mausoleum taken through the metal door.


This time of year in Scotland the days seem to be either golden or grey, sunny or driech. Today didn’t get properly light at all, but autumn added its gold regardless. The River Deveron:

River Deveron

We came upon an old dog grave in Wrack Wood; some lovely Dickensian sounding names there.

dog grave

Grey and golden, the colours of the day:

grey and golden

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