Walking in the Moonlight

Moonlight through the trees. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

Above: a scene from a walk in the moonlight, because I so appreciate being able to go on walks now that I can’t wait for daylight!

It’s been a strange summer. I spent much of it being ill, properly ‘can’t do anything, go anywhere, just have to sit still‘ ill.Β I feel changed by it. I have such huge appreciation for the good in myΒ world now: the wonderful people I share my life with, the amazing place I live.

Seriously, there was no better place to lieΒ around being ill than in my garden. Bats and giant dragonflies kept coming out of the pond and trees to peer at me. Tall trees rustled protectively around me. And the sun shone and shone this summer, didn’t it?

A pink sunrise in Scotland. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

And books! Films! Netflix! Thank you, thank you, to all those creators: you kept my mind occupied while my body healed.

And the less than good? It highlighted itself with such clarity that I am left so much wiser and, I hope, more able to deflect it in the future.

Things that happened while I was still: the witch stone near Fraserburgh was cleared of gorse so it can now be seen.

The newly cleared Witch Stone. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

I had a wee story published in an anthology.

Terrors Unimagined, an anthology featuring a speculative short story by Ailish Sinclair.

But summer is over now. Illness is over. So, boots on, off out into the moonlight I go!

Moonlight in puddles. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

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50 thoughts on “Walking in the Moonlight

  1. What gorgeous pictures (as always), and what a lovely story. Congrats on your story publication, and thanks for sharing these moonlight wanders. (I’m glad you’re feeling better too.)

  2. Being immobile for months in urban Tyne and Wear – not so good! Been there, I know how frustrating it is – but what reading time!!! Glad to see you back and taking the pictures we love.

  3. Yea, I remember when I finally pulled through CFS. Wow! The freedom. I walked everywhere reachable, camera in hand. And though that was four years ago, I still walk everywhere, camera in hand. Happy snapping!

  4. Beautiful story and pictures. Will get to more of your posts ASAP. And thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this. Greetings from Marta. I am from Catalonia.

  5. Hi Ailish, thanks for following Sound Bite Fiction.
    As a Scot in exile (south of France, almost 6 years) I love your words and photos.
    Last spring I did a whistle-stop tour of Scotland with a French lady who had never been before.
    She loved all of it, of course, but especially the castles, from Dumbarton to Eilean Donan, from Inverness to Stirling and Edinburgh.
    Throw in Glencoe, Glenfinnan, Culloden and Bannockburn, plus a couple of days in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the country enchants anyone with a soul.
    I trust your health is fully restored, and that you will be posting more in the future.
    Good luck

  6. I’ve checked out the anthology on Amazon and would love to buy a copy. However I am blind and see that the anthology is currently only available in paperback. I can’t read print. I can, however read Kindle books using the text to speech facility on my Kindle, and on my computer using software called Job Access with Speech (JAWS) which converts text into speech and braille. Do you know whether there are plans to produce a Kindle edition?

    Kind regards, Kevin

    • Hi Kevin,
      Unfortunately I don;t think there are plans for a kindle version. I will look into it though and get back to you if there are other options for you.

  7. I was sorry to read about your illness and I’m glad to hear that you’re on the mend now. Many congratulations on the forth-coming book… it sounds fascinating and I look forward to hearing about its publication date.
    From what I’ve seen of your blog so far I think I am going to really enjoy reading your writing and your photography is brilliant.
    It’s good to meet you and many thanks for following my blog. Dorne x

  8. As a phiyphophoto and writer I got a big scare recently – retinal tear left eye. I was forced to rest and scale back many projects for at least a month. I’ve always appreciated what eyesight I have, this incident deepened that and I leaned into my faith ( not religious ). Glad you got your eventual healing.

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