A Lighthouse in a Castle, and a Love Story, and the Sky

old lighthouse, new lighthouse

That’s the sixteenth century Kinnaird Castle on the left, it was converted into a lighthouse in 1787 and now houses the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. On the right is the modern automated lighthouse. Quite why they seem to be leaning towards one another I don’t know; I may have been transfixed by the sky when I took the photo (a frequent and increasing occurrence, should I be worried?)

Before we go in, let’s walk on a bit to the wine tower, the oldest building in Fraserburgh. The photo may not be the best of the tower, but look up!

wine tower and sky

Not much is known about the wine tower, other than the obvious use suggested by its name, but it does have this sad story attached to it. Strain your eyes and you will see the red paint on the ground there. Beneath the sky.

(Update: we visited the tower again on Doors Open Day and saw inside! Go here to read about it.)

love story piper laird's daughter

A better photo, I do love the uneven bricks and studded door of the solid little building:

wine tower

Back up the hill to castle walls…

castle walls

and lots of stairs…

spiral staircase

and, ooh look, my Granny had a television just like the one in the lighthouse keeper’s quarters! Interesting use of books.

television from the 70s

Out onto the wider deck:


It’s scary on the top balcony, I can’t keep the skyline straight.


Into the main museum to examine things, some of which feel quite steampunk.

14300955380_d80a282c48_z lenses

We end this trip and post with a walk on the golden sands of Fraserburgh beach, as the colour blue tantalises from above.

beach, it's the sky, of course it's the sky!

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13 Replies to “A Lighthouse in a Castle, and a Love Story, and the Sky”

  1. You fill our eyes with beauty with your gifted sight. Thanks for sharing your gift, as you take us to places we might never think to explore on our own and would truly have missed out if it weren’t for your insight. I’m a fortunate follower. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful day and great pictures too. I don’t know the east coast anything like as well as the west so must visit (before Le Trump converts all such beaches into sand traps!)

  3. Hi Ailish,
    Amazing beauty captured through your camera lenses, the last picture emanates so much peace, and that solid little building with its legend … beautiful…thanks for such treat for the eyes…
    take care

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