Loch Morlich, big blog, little blog

Ducks by Loch Morlich

The tiny blog is this one, sent from holiday. The big blog is my guest post on the official tourism site for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: 10 Mystical and Magical Places in Aberdeenshire.

And Loch Morlich is in the pictures. I was there before the ducks were up today!

The Cairngorms beyond Loch Morlich

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55 Replies to “Loch Morlich, big blog, little blog”

  1. I love Loch Morlich, I’ve been there several times over the years. Everytime the weather and the light has had a different quality- probably because whenever I holiday in Scotland its in May or September. Sometimes its been bright and warm (icecream weather even!) and sometimes its been grey and wet, sometimes windy, you never know what you’re going to get in Scotland, do you!

    Thanks for the pictures, it’s a nice reminder of a lovely place. Not visiting this year, alas. Next May, if all goes to plan.

  2. Oh wow, this looks like a slice of heaven, Ailish. I feel a sudden desire to be north of the border… 🙂

  3. I just returned from a two week holiday spent mostly in the Highlands. Met great people, enjoyed beautiful landscapes, ate delicious food, and drank great whiskey (with a Tenents beer thrown in every now and then)…can’t wait to return!

  4. I remember Scotland and the beautiful views, I remember that one morning when the tide was out, I asked what happened to the Sea I had seen the night before, making a fool out myself…..I had never seen that phenomena before.

  5. I recently learned my ancestors, the MacLachlans, built Castle Lachlan on Loch Fyne. So I have a new appreciation of all things loch! Will have to add Aberdeenshire to my itinerary when I get there!

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