Some Eighteenth Century Letter Seals

Eighteenth Century Letter Seals

Post from 2021.

Those are the letter seals of Lord Pitsligo, a man I have written about before:

letter seals

His forward thinking ways inspired aspects of the Laird in THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR and a similar set of letter seals feature in FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE.

Excerpt from FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE featuring letter seals.

The seals were shown to me by a direct descendant of Lord Pitsligo. I got to hold them and turn them on their hinges, which was wonderfully informative (and exciting!).

Label on Lord Pitsligo's letter seals


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Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair, out April 2021

Elizabeth craves adventure… excitement… love…

For now though, she has to settle for a trip from her family’s castle, to the port in Aberdeen, where her father has promised she’ll be permitted to buy a horse… all of her own.

Little does she suspect this simple journey will change her life, forever. And as she dreams of riding her new mount through the forests and glens of the Manteith estate, she can have no idea that she might never see them again.

For what lies ahead is danger, unimagined… and the fearful realities of kidnap and slavery.

But even when everything seems lost, most especially the chance of ever getting home again, Elizabeth finds friendship, comfort… and that much prized love, just where she least expected it.

Set in the mid eighteenth century, Fireflies and Chocolate is a story of strength, courage and tolerance, in a time filled with far too many prejudices.

It’s all getting a bit too exciting for me again… I need a nice calming walk in the woods below the witch’s brooms (growth abnormalities caused by a fungus in the trees)!

woodland walk

Set in a fictional castle in Aberdeenshire, Ailish Sinclair’s debut novel, THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR, features an often overlooked event in history, the 1597 Aberdeen witchcraft panic, and a love story.



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The Mermaid and the Bear

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28 Replies to “Some Eighteenth Century Letter Seals”

  1. Your photographs are wonderful. Living in NZ for 50 years now and I still miss the historical depths that you writing reminds me of.

  2. Hi Ailish, just wanted to say I downloaded the Mermaid and the Bear after reading this post, and just finished it – loved it! It was lovely to read such a sad beautiful but hopeful fairytale – thanks so much. You brought a part of history alive for me. I’m looking forward to Fireflies and Chocolate! X

  3. It’s so cool to see things that inspire writers! I have added The Mermaid and the bear to my reading list, and very much look forward to reading it.

  4. Hi Aliish, I’m not really into reading novels, but ones written around events in history I do occasionally read. I downloaded your new book ‘Fireflies and Chocolate’ at the weekend, and must say it is a superb story masterly put together! What a lot of research you have put into it, to be honest I found it hard to put down! Now my wife is reading it! I would heartily recommend it. Thanks for a great read.

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