Seeking Pink Castles in the Snow

Through the gates to Fyvie Castle. Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

Here we are at the start of our quest to find pink castles in the snow. Originally posted 2019.


We pass through the gates to Fyvie Castle where it’s more icy than snowy, and we’re getting down and frosty with it!

A frosty Fyvie Castle. Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

Great shadows reach towards the castle, but we’re backing away, we’re leaving… seeking out more of those castles in the snow…

Shadows reach towards the castle.Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

We’re travelling across country like Ice Road Truckers to…


Delgatie Castle lit up in the sun. Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

It’s bright and properly snowy here. Let’s walk in the woods.

A snowy scene in Delgatie woods. Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

And circle back round to the castle.

Delgatie Castle on the horizon. Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

Say hello to the unicorns!

The unicorns of Delgatie Castle.

On to a stormier day and a dark ruin:


Pink castles. Pinks castles… Not quite a pink castle, Huntly. More ‘pinkish’ in certain lights, really.

Huntly Castle peeks through the trees.

But look at the old chimneys…

The snow dusted ruinous walls of Huntly Castle.

And the slopes and trees…

Sloping trees at the back of Huntly Castle

Finally, it’s time to snuggle up at home with hot chocolate in a mermaid mug!

Hot chocolate in a mermaid mug! Ailish Sinclair | Castles in the Snow

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150 Replies to “Seeking Pink Castles in the Snow”

  1. I must come back to Scotland!! I looked up the history of this castle. Built by William the Lion (love that name) and the site of an open-air court held by Robert the Bruce. Charles I lived that as a child. So many stories held safe by the quiet walls!!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and writing. Am so happy we found each other’s blog. You allow me to return vicariously to one of my most favorite places in the world. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you, Vera

  3. Hi Ailish, Some of these photos are particularly lovely. I look forward to exploring your blog and world especially since I read that your castles etc are the subject of your soon to be published novel. Louise

  4. I love the unicorns, although I don’t think every house owner would opt for those creatures 😀 The last few photos remind me of Ireland where I spent a few months three years ago. I enjoyed wandering around the old castles… There’s something in those corridors and rooms without ceilings that awakens one’s curiosity.

      1. Ooh, I didn’t know that, so interesting! And so much fun! Why choose a bear or a swan when one can choose a unicorn as a national animal! 😉

      1. It absolutely does! I love the snow and I LOVE all of your amazing photos of Scotland! So gorgeous! My husband and I have been looking at them all morning! ❤️ Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Stunning photographs! I marvel at ancient castle walls rising from the cliff. How on earth did those early Scots lay the bricks — or stones — without slipping and sliding down the grass slopes?

  6. I really enjoyed this post and these photos! I’d love to wander there too. How lovely and lucky you to live near there. Thanks for visiting my blog too (Natural Views). I’ve been to Scotland, but only briefly. I love the old castles.

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