Romantic Suspense and Historical Fiction

Scottish Fiction from Ailish Sinclair. Quote from romantic suspense novel TENDU.

I write romantic suspense and historical fiction, often set in the area of Scotland where I live, Aberdeenshire. My historical novels combine little-known dark events with love stories. There are witches, bears, kidnappers and Romans to be found in them, detailed here. My contemporary work is much naughtier, though still dark, and available to pre-order now.

I take a LOT of photos as is evidenced throughout the site.

Here on the blog, I write about castleshistorystone circlesdance, living with chronic illness, and writing. See my about page here.

Romantic Suspense – A Dancer’s Journey – 3 book series

A Dancer's Journey, a 3 book series by Ailish Sinclair. Romantic suspense.

These books are so naughty that I’m worried nobody will be able to look me in the face again after reading them. But not that worried. A Dancer’s Journey is now available for pre-order, titles releasing in October, November and December 2023.

See the series page here for blurbs and quotes.

A Dancer's Journey Series by Ailish Sinclair

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Posts about the background, inspiration and writing of these stories:

A Dancer's Journey

Historical Fiction

My historical novels combine little-known dark events with love stories and a hint of magic.

The historical novels of Ailish Sinclair

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Further Insight into my life and work


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A Dancer's Journey: dark and sexy romantic suspense

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  1. Ever since I watched a show about Mary Queen of Scots, I’ve been obsessed with learning about Scotland. So rich with history and beautiful nature. When time allows, I will have to read your books. Thank you for following my blog.

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