A Dancer’s Journey series

Ailish’s dance background and love of history and spicy stories are what inspired this dark mix of contemporary romance and ballet set in a castle. Readers of her historical fiction will recognise the castle and stone circle that feature in these books.

A Dancer’s Journey is available in paperback, Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

A Dancer's Journey Series by Ailish Sinclair

There are no cliffhanger endings in this series; each book completes a story, but then there is more. So much more.

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TENDU: Dancing in the Castle

Scotland’s all misty lochs and magical forests and perfect boyfriends, right?

When dance student Amalphia Treadwell embarks on a secret relationship with her charismatic new teacher, she has no idea of the danger that lurks in his school in Scotland.

She’s soon dealing with her boyfriend’s obsessive ex, the strange research taking place at the castle school and her own ever-evolving relationship issues.

Amalphia works hard to be the best dancer she can be, but as tension builds within the old walls of the castle, she begins to wonder if she will ever escape the dank dark of the dungeon…

Dark, witty, sexy and fun, Tendu is a compelling and seductive story of love, dance and obsession. Get your copy today.

Tendu contains graphic sex scenes, violence, trauma and adult language.

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CABRIOLE: Dancing in the City

How hard can a career on the stage be, anyway?

After a traumatic year at the castle, Amalphia Treadwell travels back to London to start her professional life, putting dark and difficult things firmly behind her. Or so she believes.

As she tries different approaches to work, in search of her true vocation, Amalphia encounters new pain and a deeper dark than that of the dungeon.

She wrestles with the complicated nature of her own heart and suspects that ‘happily ever after’ is something she can never hope to achieve.

As dark and witty as its predecessor, the second instalment of Amalphia’s journey is a sensual story of love, dance and self-discovery.

Cabriole contains graphic sex scenes, trauma and adult language.

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A Dancer's Journey

FOUETTÉ: Dancing with the Past

Amalphia Treadwell is living her happily ever after.

She’s happy in her life, and her home, and her relationships, and is very excited about the plan she’s just made with her best friend Justin. Turbulence and turmoil are distant memories, and blue skies and sunshine lie ahead.

Then a child who shouldn’t exist walks up the steps towards her and, as she looks into his eyes, she knows that nothing will ever be the same again.

Beginning six years after the end of the previous book in the series, the third and final part of Amalphia’s journey is a steamy tale of love, dance, obsession and forgiveness.

Fouetté contains graphic sex scenes, adult language and a small amount of violence.

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  • From the Vegan Book Blogger here“Very atmospheric, I could feel what the characters were feeling, feel their pain, it broke my heart and then healed it and made it sing.”
  • From emmalolly13 on TikTok: “This series has a special place in my heart… I feel so blessed to continue reading Amalphia’s story… Her journey with love has been rough… this is such a soul-touching series.
  • “Knowing there are two more books in the series made it easier to accept that the tale was coming to an end. It can be so hard to finish a book when you are loving the story so much.” Molly on Amazon.com
Tendu by Ailish Sinclair

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A Dancer's Journey

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