TENDU Press Release

Tendu: Dancing in the Castle by Ailish Sinclair

ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1739615925
ASIN: (Kindle) B0CGDL86ST

Release Date: 20th of October 2023

Naughty New Novel Set in an Aberdeenshire Castle

Ailish’s dance background and love of history and spicy stories are what inspired this heady mix of contemporary romance and ballet set in a castle. Readers of her historical fiction will recognise the castle and stone circle that feature in this book.

Tendu is available in paperback, Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

Tendu: Dancing in the Castle

Tendu is the first title in a 3 book series entitled A Dancer’s Journey. There are no cliffhanger endings in the series; each novel completes a story, but then there is more. So much more.

Aspects of the book

  • Angsty romance
  • Lots of naughtiness!
  • A neurodivergent heroine and a Byronic hero
  • Set in London and Scotland
  • Unconventional love and a secret relationship
  • A castle, a dungeon and a stone circle


Scotland’s all misty lochs and magical forests and perfect boyfriends, right?

When dance student Amalphia Treadwell embarks on a secret relationship with her charismatic new teacher, she has no idea of the danger that lurks in his school in Scotland.

She’s soon dealing with her boyfriend’s obsessive ex, the strange research taking place at the castle school and her own ever-evolving relationship issues.

Amalphia works hard to be the best dancer she can be, but as tension builds within the old walls of the castle, she begins to wonder if she will ever escape the dank dark of the dungeon…

Dark, witty, sexy and fun, Tendu is a compelling and seductive story of love, dance and obsession. 

Quote from Ailish

These books are so naughty that I’m a little worried nobody will be able to look me in the face again after reading them. But not that worried. I hope people are entertained and diverted by the wild ride that these stories provide.

What’s next for Ailish Sinclair?

There is a spin-off series coming next year: Castle Dancers. Each book follows a different student at the castle school as they go through various adventures and appear on different television shows. The main characters of A Dancer’s Journey feature in the background.

Author Bio

Ailish Sinclair trained as a dancer and taught dance for many years, before working in schools to help children with special needs.

She now lives beside a loch with her husband and two children where she writes and dances (yes, still, when medical conditions allow) and eats rather a lot of chocolate.

Author Contact Info

Email: Ailish@ailishsinclair.com

Website: https://ailishsinclair.com

Twitter: @AilishSinclair

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ailishsinclairauthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ailishsinclair/

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Amazon UK : https://amzn.to/45uNYEw

Amazon worldwide: https://mybook.to/tendu

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/197671358-tendu

See the series page: https://ailishsinclair.com/a-dancers-journey-3-book-series/

Book covers of A Dancer's Journey series by Ailish Sinclair: celebratory dance.