Shipwrecks of the Aberdeenshire Coast

Let’s begin by walking barefoot along the sands between St Combs and Scotstown. There do be many shipwrecks to see there. Aye, aye, me hearties! Prepare yersels for the photos.


shifting sands uncover a shipwreck

I don’t know the name or date of this first wreck. It’s wooden and relatively small and sometimes entirely covered by the shifting sands that it, no doubt, fell victim to. It’s well bedecked with seaweed.

part of a shipwreck - Ailish Sinclair, author

Close by is a large metallic boat. It’s usually more submerged than this. I *think* it’s the HMS Erne. She ran aground in 1915 and broke her back.

shipwrecks: another victim of the shifting sands

We get to go right up to it.


barnacles on a shipwreck - Ailish Sinclair, author

And touch the barnacles.

shipwrecks in aberdeenshire

And wonder if that’s a treasure chest…

The Excelsior of Laurwig

A bit further on, between Rattray Head and Scotstown, lies a much more well documented ship: the Excelsior of Laurwig, a Norwegian barque that was wrecked in 1881. It’s rather impressive.

Shipwrecks: The Excelsior of Laurwig, a Norwegian barque wrecked in 1881 - Ailish Sinclair, author
Shipwrecks: Excelsior of Laurwig, wrecked in 1881 - Ailish Sinclair, writer

There is another, somewhat different, wreck on this bit of coastline, sometimes to be seen wedged into the sand:

some wrecks that get stuck in the sand are not boats!

Now, let’s head to Cruden Bay and see if we can find any more shipwrecks.

bridge to shipwrecks?

Trip, trap, trip. trap, across the bridge. To find…


Is it a shipwreck? I’m not sure. It may be part of a defense from WW2. Not very boat shaped!

But it’s a great beach on which to finish our walk.

Chosen Sisters, Romans and Romance

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Witchcraft and a Handsome Laird

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Kidnapping, Slavery and Friendship

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