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Fireflies and Chocolate
by Ailish Sinclair

ISBN:  978-1-910603-8-40 (Paperback)
ASIN:  B08XMY518W (Kindle)

Release Date: Thursday, 1st April 2021

GWL Publishing is pleased to announce its latest publication, Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair, following on the success of her debut, The Mermaid and The Bear.

Having achieved great success with her debut novel THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR, Ailish Sinclair has turned her attention from the terrible subject of witch hunting in sixteenth century Aberdeen, to the equally disturbing events that surrounded child kidnapping and the slave trade in the mid 1700s.

Using the experiences of real characters, she tells the story of Elizabeth Manteith, captured on the docks of Aberdeen and transported on a slave ship to the Colonies, where a fearful and uncertain future awaits.

Friendships forged on the journey are soon shattered, leaving Elizabeth alone and desolate. However, she retains her passionate desire to find the young man who befriended her on board the ship… and to get back home to her beloved Scotland.

Bought by a plantation owner, who isn’t all he seems, she’s employed as a housekeeper, and her adventures begin…

They’re adventures that lead her to discover the true nature of kindness and compassion, as well as the brutal savagery of slavery and human bondage.

Fireflies and Chocolate is a story of strength, courage and tolerance, in a time filled with far too many prejudices.

Once again, Ailish Sinclair has created a truly atmospheric novel, distilling a time and place onto the page. Some of her characters are real people, but so thorough is her research that they all feel genuine, as though they’ve been plucked from the pages of history.

“We really love working with Ailish,” says Wendy Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “She knows how to write characters and place, she does her research, and it shows in every word she puts to paper. In Fireflies and Chocolate, Ailish has tackled the difficult topic of slavery with a deft hand. Nothing is sugar-coated. She doesn’t hold back in showing the cruelty of the times, but her characters lead the rallying cry against their tormentors, and it’s impossible not to want to join them. She’s created a true heroine in Elizabeth Manteith. Fiery and forthright, Elizabeth isn’t someone to be argued with. She knows her own mind, and isn’t afraid to speak it. Through her experiences, the reader sees her grow from a girl, into a woman with a powerful voice… a woman of her time, but very much of ours too.”

Author Bio:

Ailish Sinclair trained as a dancer and taught dance for many years, before working in schools to help children with special needs. A short stint as a housekeeper in a castle fired her already keen interest in untold stories of the past and she sat down to research and write.

She now lives beside a loch with her husband and two children, where she still dances and writes, and eats rather a lot of chocolate.

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