Autumn deepens


Colours and skies become startling in autumn.

skies grow dramatic as autumn deepens

plums appear as autumn deepens

Plums ripen and fields are ploughed.


And the road home is sprinkled with gold.


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scenes from a walk


doocot and wind turbine in distance

dead fields

pictures from a quiet weekend


Autumn is tinging  the tips of leaves now. A quiet point has been reached, a small breathing space between frenetic activity. It makes me sleepy. I sit in a beach cafe eating chips and watch others be energetic:

chips 033 (550x413)

In fact there’s rather a lot of sitting going on this weekend. Sitting. Staring. Watching. Contemplating the busy time to come. And smelling the birthday flowers, because that’s always good.


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grey skies, blue skies

golden hay bales and grey skies Ailish Sinclair | Author

It’s harvest season in Scotland, the start of autumn, the time of illuminated crops set against dark grey skies and heavy rainfall followed by hot golden sunshine. There’s bright blue skies too, crisp fresh sunny days, new winter boots and stripy tights. That ‘new start’ feel is in the air as people head back to school or begin fresh phases of work and study.

This is my favourite season, it always feels exciting, regardless of whether I’m partaking in any ‘newness’ of my own. I feel a deeper connection to nature as the earth quietens down in readiness for winter; my predilection for sitting in trees is at its height just now (or at its most disturbing if you’re an unsuspecting passerby).

I dig up tatties, make soup and bask in the beauty of it all.

Berrybrae Stone Circle below:

Author Ailish Sinclair reaching for the skies at Berrybrae Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire

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Wet feet. Clear head. Perfect.

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