The Midnight Marauder

Midnight marauder - badger!
The Midnight Marauder

Every night, without fail, a badger visits the garden to eat scraps and leftovers that we leave out for him.

Midnight marauder - badger!

He’s been coming for years. Though, realistically, of course, it’s not only one badger. But we always speak about him or her as if it is.

Sometimes two come together. After eating, they run about in a frenzy before disappearing into the woods.

Midnight marauder - badger!

The lighter nights made these photos of the earlier-than-usual visit possible.

I swayed there at the back door in my floaty, shaky, just-home-from-hospital state and basically revelled in the badger’s joy and exuberance.

Feels like my song just now…

Health Update

I injected myself with my new medication yesterday. Another intervention to stop my body attacking itself. We’ll see if this one works. I have hope 🙂

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20 Replies to “The Midnight Marauder”

  1. So glad to hear you are home from the hospital, Ailish. And what a treat to be able to see your badger each day (or night). They are rather elusive creatures.t

  2. Your badgers are SO much cuter than our American counterparts, hehe. He’s such a squishable thing! 😀 I know you enjoy watching him/them.

    Fingers crossed new meds work <3

  3. Glad to hear you’re home Ailish! With regard to your badger visitor, this is interesting…in Celtic traditions, and many others, the badger imparts persistence, determination and endurance. Badger also gives mental energy and fighting spirit. It looks like you’re in good company. Be well!

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