Silver Ice and Deer Prints Today

silver ice on the loch

Silver Ice

The thaw, and then the frost, made for a scene of silver ice up at the loch yesterday. It’s still very cold, but milder temperatures are supposed to arrive this week. And, personally, the next few days will be more hectic, so the daily blogs may be at their end. I’ve really enjoyed writing them, and may return to this practice again at some point.


I stumbled across a new review for SISTERS this week on the blog My Little Hawk: “If you’re like me and you also want to allow a book to paint the most vivid and beautiful images in your mind and be transported to another place and time, please spare some time to read this book. You’ll notice its powerful magic from page one.” See the whole review here.

Deer Prints by the Loch

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  • SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD opens on a snowy winter solstice.
  • THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR has 6 chapters of medieval Christmas.
  • FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE features Christmas in Colonial Pennsylvania.

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26 Replies to “Silver Ice and Deer Prints Today”

  1. Hey, Ailish, I just wrote my daily post (my 1006th one!) and shared how I was coming to the end of this practice, then I read this post of yours and I thought, what a coincidence, a synchronicity. You write beautiful posts, and share beautiful photos, and here’s to you finding a new format, new frequency, or whatever, as the year closes and 2023 opens the door to her possibilities xx

  2. I read the opening passages to ‘Sisters at the Edge of the World’. Wow. Lyrical. If I should wish to wax so poetic, I would surely have to 1) Write in first person and, 2) Summon a spirit guide.

    I often look at my own writing, third-person, sparse on purpose, tuned for brisk pacing, and wonder if I shouldn’t try to work that kind of magic into it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the beauty of silver ice and deer prints. It’s always wonderful to take a moment to appreciate the natural world around us, and your words serve as a reminder to slow down and take in the beauty of the season. Keep sharing your insights and experiences with the world.

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