Christmas Reading and Gentle Colours

loch, and Christmas reading.

A little lull has been reached at the end of a hectic week. The colours of the loch are gentle, muted now at the darkest point of the year. I’ve seen a few blog posts about Christmas reading, such as this one here from Jacqueline Seewald. People are sharing the books they’re reading, and those that they’ve written, and I thought I’d join in.

So, share away! What books are you reading over the next couple of weeks? And/or, which books of yours should we consider delving into just now?

I’m reading Where There’s Doubt (romantic suspense/psychological thriller) by Terry Tyler and The Essex Serpent (historical fiction) by Sarah Perry. They’re both very good. My own books are down at the end of this post.

Feel free to add to the previous sharing posts too. They will be brought to the front of the blog perennially, so won’t vanish into the abyss. Share Your Books and Writing, and also Share First Lines.

Christmas Reading

My historical novels all involve little-known dark historical events, romance and a little magic…

Christmas reading from Ailish Sinclair
  • SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD opens on a snowy winter solstice in 1st century Scotland. The main character is neurodivergent, and has been non-verbal until that first scene of the book.
  • If you like castles, Scotland, history, witches, stone circles and Christmas done medieval-style, you might like THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR. There’s also a love story.
  • FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE was inspired by the kidnapped children of 18th century Aberdeen, and features Christmas in Colonial Pennsylvania.

They’re all available in paperback, kindle and on kindle unlimited.

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Signed copies from me


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29 Replies to “Christmas Reading and Gentle Colours”

  1. I should finally have enough free time to finish Sisters at the edge of the World. I started it weeks ago but haven’t had time to finish it.

  2. It’s always nice to have some light and uplifting reads to enjoy during the busy holiday season, and your thoughts on the calming effects of certain colors is an interesting perspective.

  3. I just finished your Mermaid and the Bear—a great read. I’ll be reviewing it on my once I read another of yours. As well, I’ve got two more waiting—The once and future witches by Alix E. Harrow recommended to me by a writer friend and Fireflies and Chocolate

  4. Thank you again for offering these links to books, and for your beautiful eye on color in your photos. Who would have thought the longest night would be so lovely? Like they say, may the light shinning in the darkness shine on the joys and hopes of all the years. Here in the U.S. some of us still send cards with Christmas cliches.

  5. We watched The Essex Serpent and liked it. I didn’t know it was a book. Now I’ll have to read it.

    A couple of my books you might like.

    When the Sun was Mine – Flo: I was an inmate in this hellhole they charmingly called a nursing home. Then Brit climbed in my window. She was just a kid. How could she possibly help me?

    Whispers Under the Baobab – Brit: I should have been in college, not working in this dump trying to save an old lady. Now I’ve been kidnapped. He thinks I know her secrets.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas, Ailish! I just finished reading your book, Sisters at the Edge of the World–it was a wonderful winter read, delicious with detail, heartbreaking and beautiful. I’m now reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, which delves into a world of dark fairy tales. And my own book is When to Hold On, a YA verse novel that sinks deep into the seasons. Happy reading, everyone!

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