Share Your Books and Writing with Me!

Share your books with me!

And any other writing, such as poems, blogs and excerpts from your work in progress. I want to see it. My readers want to see it. Show us those heartfelt creative efforts.

Share your books!
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There’s so many no-nos in the online world of writing today. Review swaps are against the terms and conditions of Amazon and other places. ‘Buy my book!’ DMs on social media are just annoying and unprofessional, and thankfully much rarer than they used to be. This week a writer (big 5 publisher, famous agent) posted a ‘buy my book’ comment on one of my Instagram posts. We don’t follow each other. The book had nothing to do with the subject of my post, so it seemed a bit desperate and, again, unprofessional. It did not make me want to buy the book; in fact, it was off-putting. An invasion of space even.

But it got me thinking about spaces where it is good to share, and here we have this post.

Share you books! Witchy books.
Witchy books…

Share Your Books!

There’s no no-nos here today. The comment section of this post is a free for all sharing space. Post your own work and peruse that of others too. You’re also welcome to add links 🙂

And talking of adding links, if you have a book and a blog, it’s a good idea to post some way to see those books in the posts. I’ve quite often been impressed with writing on a blog and looked for a mentioned book to no avail.

I have a Facebook group for sharing any books that have a Scottish connection. See it here.

I want to see your books and writing, people! So post away…

And, of course, here’s mine:

Sisters at the Edge of the World cover

Set in 1st century Scotland, SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD includes the battle of Mons Graupius between the Romans and the Caledonian tribes. The book features a neurodivergent main character and some rather complicated romance!

“Ethereal and spellbinding….” Historical Novel Society

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

See the press release here

Read the article Roman Aberdeenshire features in author’s new book from Grampian Online.

Cover of Ailish Sinclair's 'The Mermaid and the Bear'

Taking place mainly in a fictional castle, THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR blends an often overlooked period of history, the Scottish witchcraft accusations, in particular the 1597 Aberdeen witchcraft panic, with a love story.

See the press release here

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

From the Press and Journal: New book by Fraserburgh author highlights horrific extent of witch trials in Scotland 

Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair, out 2021

FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE was inspired by the kidnapped children and young people of Aberdeen. The story follows the adventures of Elizabeth Manteith from the castle and her determined efforts to get back home. There’s love. There’s derring-dos on the high seas… And there’s chocolate!

See the publisher’s Press Release here

Amazon UK

Amazon Worldwide

“Filled with excitement and suspense…” Historical Novel Society


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190 Replies to “Share Your Books and Writing with Me!”

  1. Hello, Ailish. You write such lovely blogs! I read them regularly. I joined your Facebook group about Scottish books, because the more I learn about Scotland, the better I can portray the male central character of my mysteries (Lady Rosamund series). He was inspired by a waiter I saw on the Isle of Skye…so cute and mischievous, I couldn’t resist! So, in order to know my character better, I am gradually learning about the history of Scotland, with help from an old, very knowledgeable friend originally from there.

    1. Oh, I LOVE the Isle of Skye! And how fabulous that you based your character on a waiter you saw there!
      Did you know that Lilian Beckwith’s memoirs are reputedly set on the Isle of Skye? I loved them as a child and love them now. They are full of such colourful characters and wonderful anecdotes.
      There is a link to these and a few other books set on Skye towards the end of my 30s guide to Skye blog
      If you’re interested, I also wrote a blog about a rather unsuccessful mountaineering attempt and restaurant visit, called Skye is the Limit. The restaurant set on fire!

        1. Oooh, I haven’t read Wildfire at Midnight. I shall check that out! I always like to read books set in places I know. It adds a certain frisson!
          Thank you for checking out my blog! 🙂

          1. Some of the mountains you mentioned on your blog play a role in Wildfire at Midnight. I had seen photos of the area before and even drove as close as I could to where the story took place, but thanks to your blog, I will have a much more vivid image of the setting in my mind next time I re-read Wildfire at Midnight. 🙂

      1. Great!

        My second (out of three) book is: Free to Achieve.

        It’s a 7 steps approach to my coaching practice, aiming at helping everyone getting rid of the burden of negative experiences, thoughts, mindsets, behaviors, attitudes. so as to set you free to achieve the life you want (and deserve!).

        In it you can find meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong exercises, practical tools to improve your planning and problem solving skills, to increase resilience, to grow your commitment.

        This is the link to the Kindle version:
        The Paperback version is here:

  2. This is a great idea! Thank you for encouraging us, your readers, to share our creative efforts and for offering this post as a welcoming space. And an additional big thanks for your books! I couldn’t put THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR down, it was such a fascinating and moving story. I loved it!
    As for myself, I am new in the creative world, but I have always appreciated the power of the written and spoken word. My creative efforts see the light of day on my blog where I write mostly philosophical explorations of the ways humans create meaning in life. Here is the link to the blog:

  3. Thank you for this opportunity, Ailish. I’d like to share an unsolicited comment that I recently received from a young reader of my middle-grade fantasy book, The Labyrinth. She’s the same age as my characters, and her words are helping me to believe that it is worth finishing this series even if I have to continue self-publishing it. Writing can be a lonely road filled with self-doubt, as all writers know, and it’s nice to have encouragement from our target audience. Here’s her note: “My name is J. Lee and I am 13. I read your book: Warriors of light
    book one: The Labyrinth, and I loved it! I would rate it five out of five stars, and I
    can’t wait to read the next book! I know some people didn’t like the alternating
    points of views in the book, but I really liked the way you did it. It was very helpful
    to put the pronunciations for the names in the first chapters, if you didn’t I
    probably would have been saying them wrong the entire time. I love how you
    thought of unique names for the characters, not a lot of authors think of unique
    names! I think it is awesome how you put Ari’s grandmother’s spirit in a crow’s
    body. My favorite thing was that the six chosen all had an animal form or spirit
    animal relating to their characteristics and personalities. It was very cool how
    they can turn into their animal forms while they weren’t in the labyrinth, and how
    they use telepathy to communicate. All in all I loved the book, and can’t wait for
    the next!!!” My website, which contains information about my books and writing, is:

  4. Thank you, Ailish, for this opportunity to share. I love the photos you post from Scotland. I’ve visited once, but am always looking for opportunities to return. I am as yet unpublished. My first novel, a historical romance, comes out in 2024. It does have a Scottish connection as my hero’s father is Scottish. I have written several Scottish-based fantasies as well which I hope see paper and ink at some point in the future. All of my stories feature animals of some kind, mostly horses and dogs. I’d love for newsletter subscribers for my monthly newsletter where I share writing news and book recommendations. There are also occasional giveaways and contests. Here’s the link to my website for anyone who’s interested. The newsletter signup is there.

    I’ve read both of your books and recommended them to others. They are fantastic. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Ooh, Rebecca, I would love to receive your newsletter. Horses are my first love and my books are all travel memoirs about my adventures wifh The Fab Four – four Cavapoos!
      If you’re interested, you can follow my blog to get updates. If you think a giveaway of one of my books or a feature on travelling with dogs or doggie books would suit your readers, I would love to help. I am also in contact with other horsey and doggie authors who I’m sure would love to contribute too.
      Best of luck with your debut novel!

  5. I love reading your blog and the pictures you post. My Ainslie ancestors came from Scotland.
    I began writing in my early teens. My grandmother was a writer and my inspiration. I am 63 now.
    My 2 latest books are “My Creative Writing Journey”. Which is a memoir where I share examples of my poetry, song lyrics and stories.
    My Creative Writing Journey
    And “On The Edge”. Is an Inspirational fictional novel. That helps answer the question where do we turn when life pushes us to the Edge.
    I also have a blog that shares examples of my writing and photography. And where you can get to know me. My latest blog post is here.

  6. Ailish, your offer is very generous, and in the spirit of helping each other out. I, too, am a fan of Scotland, but I don’t pretend to be able to paint the land or the times as you do. “Stick with what you know” is always good advice.
    My two series, Emily& Hilda and Lockhart, are different, but in both, my characters grow learning to deal with grief (with some adventure along the way). Lockhart is set in the Years of Lead in Italy (1968-1974); Emily & Hilda ride their bicycles through North America and Europe in the present. The link is
    The short stories in the blog include some sample chapters, but most of them are prequels: before Emily met Hilda or Sandra met Joe. Free. Enjoy! It’s all explained at the website.
    Thanks, JT

  7. Hey Ailish,

    I’ve been following your posts for quite a while, and I love all the amazing photos and information you share about Scotland. Your blog is genuine and honest. 🙂

    Since you offered, my writing centers around all things chills and thrills, fiction with a dark edge.

    I recently discovered that Books2Read allows you to create a master profile for all your works with just one link, so if other authors find that attractive please check it out!

    Here’s mine for example, or if you enjoy chills and thrills.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  8. I’m in when Scotland, home of my ancestors, comes up. It’s so encouraging to have a supportive writing community. I don’t promote my book as much as I should simply because it does come off as you note rather intrusive. But with your invitation: my debut picture book, Someday We Will, is focused on grandparents and grandchildren anticipating their next visit together. It came out in April 2020 and is inadvertently a book for these times as so many people are separated from each other and need that hope that they will be together again someday. Here is the Goodreads link:
    Thanks again for your support!

  9. There’s a word used over here, “thirsty”. It fits the actions of writers trying to get in front of an audience. I just, always thought of writing as a quiet confidence. When I collaborated with large media I can’t say I enjoyed it. It was like drinking from a firehose.

  10. Wow! What a great group of writers on here. Thanks for inviting us to share alongside your beautiful books Ailish! I have two published books in a series, The Starlight Chronicles, and the third book is in the works. But I’d like to share my short story today. It was inspired by characters in my series.

    I’ve been making an effort to get it out this weekend. It was a winning story in a writing challenge noted for its enchanting world building and equally enchanting characters in the short format. It’s at Barnes and Noble as a free Nook download as well as other stores. Here’s a direct link and you can link to it and my other fantasy/supernatural romance books at

    Priss Starwillow & the Wolf

    The Tsuga Kingdom in the Fae realms is beset by the Nightshade Sisters, a coven of witches squatting in the Faint Woods. Though the witches and Fae are at war, the sisters have kept to themselves in the confines of the forest.

    When the precarious truce shows signs of crumbling, King Trevan Starwillow seeks help from the human side of the portal, putting his trust in a rogue wolf shifter from Montana.

    But the shadowy mercenary brings more to the battle than the King or his daughter expect. Will the playful princess get past her fascination and join forces with the tall, quiet stranger?

    Thank you

  11. I just, didn’t feel like it was fair to them. Not me, I drew or present something and there was an appreciation in thousands or tens of thousands. You performed too, right? It’s hard to make those actual relationships. I think, any artist needs those actual relationships to grow and appreciate the next project. So. WordPress is fine with the diet drinks and get rich quick schemes liking my stuff. Oh. The mindsets.

    1. Performing certainly requires a different mindset to writing. Though maybe the dedication to work long and hard enough to get good enough is the same. But yes, the relationships with those audiences is entirely different.

  12. Thanks for offering this space to promote our work Ailish – there are so few places where a writer can do that without feeling guilty! I’d like to mention my new poetry chapbook, ’16 Flavours of Ghost’. It’s a collection of character poems about a bunch of people getting to grips with the afterlife, and there’s more information on my blog:

    Here’s a tiny poem as a taster:

    I can only describe it as a sort of second birth.
    A faint spark pushed out of every cell
    and into a world that’s not yours.
    And you don’t scream or squall or take up space;
    only stand there in your muted colours,
    shocked at the brightness of everything.

  13. Ailish, what a clever and generous way for us to share our work with each other. I hope no one will abuse this opportunity. I agree with the pleas to read my books disguised as comments, unless the link relates directly to the topic of the blog post. I have been guilty of that but never a read my blog plea.

  14. Wow, Ailish, what a wonderful and generous opportunity.

    My blog follows my adventure since hubs and I gave up work, bought four puppies, accidentally purchased a caravan and decided to tour in it full time. Since then, we have bought a 6×4 wheel drive former army truck and converted it into our new home. The blog also offers advice on travelling with dogs and how we quit the rat race.

    My books, Adventure Caravanning With Dogs are comical memoirs based on my blog.

    I would welcome followers and if you or anyone you know are interested in my books, you can find them on Amazon by following this universal link:

      1. Thank you. I do consider myself very lucky. It was always my dream to travel. It took some hard work to get there, but I often have to pinch myself to believe it is now a reality!

    1. I don’t think the link is quite right? But it sounds great and I’m glad you enjoyed Scotland 🙂 And I am feeling better, thanks!

  15. Here’a story I wrote a while ago. I’ve ripped a lot of the stuff off my site as I was having issues with google indexing the site content, so there’s little there right now. Microsoft indexed everything fine so I don’t know what the deal is. Once I figure it out I will start putting the content back. Anyway, here’s the link:

    By the by, I love your site – and really love the photo’s – I’v always wanted to cross the pond and check Scotland out but it seems all I really do is work anymore. I know, all work and no play makes Duane a dull boy. Errrhhhh! What I really miss is the writing; All I write is fiction, and I try to keep up with book reviews.

    Keep up the great work on your site! I don’t follow many people, but following you and your site is a little ray of sunshine.

  16. Hi, Ailish. I really enjoy reading about your visits to various castles and seeing all of the pictures. I love the back stories that you share for the castles too.

    I don’t have a book yet, but I do have a blog. Lately I’ve mostly been posting short vignettes from various times in my life, and a few fictional horror stories. The link is

    I also have a YouTube channel where I read my stories. Some of the videos include artwork that I made to illustrate the stories. The YouTube channel is new, but the videos are quite fun to make! The link is

  17. I have been following your blog ever since I set up my own blog, and working through your back catalogue of books. To meet the people following you, I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well. My blog is here:

    I’m a little further south than yourself, writing about Yorkshire in England. My blog is about folklore, historical figures and the little people and stories that nobody heard about from the area. And specifically things that feature in my own historical fiction writing. Keeping those little random things alive.

    And this is the specific page to the books:

  18. Hi Ailish, this is such a wonderful thing, to share and show writings, blogs and books to broaden your chance to find some very cool new literature. There are certainly lots of great examples in the comments, I’ll have to go one by one to discover them all.
    I am not a writer in my eyes, I do have a couple of blogs, one about my art and love of animation, my first love as you might say. One about cooking my way thorough my favored fantasy books, this one I modeled after the “Julie and Julia” blog a bit, only I am cooking my way through Middleearth, Westeros and eventually Hogwarts. The last blog I only just started and it is a Witchy blog, and was inspired by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe, more specifically the Tale of three Brothers. I did start to write a story to expand on the Three Sisters history and legacy from my blog, but its in its baby state and not ready yet.
    But if anyone is interested here are the links just in case:

    Thank you again for giving us a voice.
    Scotland is so on my bucket list of places to visit, and I hope to have the time to see all of it.

    1. Beautiful blogs. I was already following the Witchy one; I’ve followed the others too now. I hope you get the chance to visit Scotland 🙂

      1. Ahw thank you, I hope you will enjoy them. I just moved from California to Missouri so everything is on hold at the moment, but I will pick up again soon, when the house is put back together and I have a space to put my computer to write and do my art. The cooking blog will also resume hopefully as soon as I have the chance to continue my trip through culinary Westeros.

  19. I would love to learn more about where to advertise my newly published novel. I paid a lot of money for advertising and I have been trying to be up to date on posting on social media, but to you the truth I am not good with social media even as a millennial. I am hoping because my book releases at the end of the month that there will be more interest once it is actually available, but I am feeling discouraged

    1. There’s lots of marketing ideas on the group 20booksto50k on Facebook. It sounds like you’re already doing quite a lot. I hope the book does well!

  20. My blog has something new published every day: short stories, poetry, pet stories, random stuff about writing or about living with a chronic illness, chapters of my work in progress. You can find details of all my books (novels, children’s books, short story and poetry anthologies) at, or at your favourite online bookshop.

  21. Thank you Ailish for the opportunity. I love reading your blog especially with a cup of coffee in my hand.

    I am currently working on my first draft of my first novel and if I’m being honest, I’m scared yet excited at the same time. If you have any advice I’d love to hear it. I do have a blog where I post short stories and book reviews so if you want to check it out you can do so here:

  22. Thank you, Ailish for this thoughtful offer to start a new week. Although I don’t comment much, I do enjoy visiting and reading your posts. It reminds me I need to revisit Scotland soon. As a child (from the English side) I could see over the Solway Firth from my bedroom window.

    I have just published my first book, All Mine, a memoir in poetry, based on being born in a mining community and working as a police officer in London for over thirty years. I am currently working on my first novel which centres on the miner’s strike of 1984.

  23. Thank you for your kind invitation, Ailish! I’m a fiction writer by training, and I also write poetry. My work focuses mainly on family and place. I had a goal when I first decided to become a writer of becoming “the voice” for Enosburg Falls, Vermont. My current novel-in-progress is about the closing of the last poor farm in Vermont in 1968. (With much research left to be done and many, many creative liberties taken!)

    My debut novel is Telling Sonny. Set in 1925, it tells the story of an innocent young girl from Enosburg Falls who should have been more discriminating in her love of small-time vaudeville when she has to face the consequences of being seduced by “America’s Favorite Hoofer.”

    My debut poetry collection is Grief Songs: Poems of Love & Remembrance.

    Thanks again!

  24. What lovely kindness Ailish, I really enjoy your posts & Scotland is my spiritual home! I have ‘a thing’ about witches too, so really look forward to reading your books. I’m an aspiring writer & love nature. Would it be ok to include a link to my nature blog? Thanks for inviting creatives to share their work, there’s some great links I’ll be checking out x

  25. Hello everyone! I plan to peruse this comments section thoroughly to find great new books and blogs 🙂
    My newest novel NAME UNSPOKEN has this blurb: Tangled in the forest are many secrets: A nameless girl… a shepherd’s call… a lost wolf… a child’s grave… a missing bride… a healer’s madness… a mansion fire… and a monk’s tale. Unravel the mysteries of medieval Ireland in NAME UNSPOKEN. With endearing characters, valiant adventure, and lyrical prose, this young adult historical novel echoes larger themes of selfish versus selfless love, the Christian call to justice, and most of all, the true meaning of family.
    And my middle grade novel THE LILY GIRL has this one: Lily isn’t important; in fact, almost no one remembers her real name, Kyra, any more. But when a strange crone puts a burning mark on her face, Lily discovers that she bears the title Sought, and she is an essential key in a forgotten feud. Dragged from her home by her Protector Nissa, Lily is swept into a chase across all four kingdoms of Quaterna. Along the way, Lily meets other Sought who carry secret talents. But the last of their kind is missing, and nobody knows where she went. Without this final piece of the puzzle, how can they hope to outwit the sorcerer Malus, who knows how to unlock and control the deep powers of the Sought?

    I’m supposed to be writing another novel but I’m in the throes of having newborns and toddlers ;p. You can find me at for my blog, freelance writing, and books! Thank you Ailish for posting this share page!!

  26. Firstly Ailish, I love all your posts even though I don’t comment at all. And this is such a great idea. Though there is so much here to read through that I wish I had time to read and comment on all the blogs, etc
    I am in the process of editing my first novel; a ghost story set in a small town in North Wales similar to where I’m living.
    I have published a children’s story book called the Little Yellow Boat and have self-published a book of photos and poems on
    I post my writings and info about books I’ve published on

  27. I’ve discovered you via the Witches of Whitby on Twitter and love your blogs. I’m currently writing a novel about dancing while editing a book about the Whitby witches. They’re impatient and decided to set up their own blog and social media accounts before the book is even ready to go into the wild.
    Their book chat can be found in

  28. Iris, and posting every day, Something to try ?
    Bought Mermaid and the Bear for my teacher friend, who is now trying to learn Doric.
    Mary Stewart and Wildfire at Midnight – Thanks to Barbara for that – My gran loved Mary Stewart, I inherited a few.- Airs Above the Ground was almost my excuse for Vienna.
    Love Skye, but love Unst too – so I donated a new island to the North Atlantic.
    with a complicated Hiberno Norse history ( The King of Dublin’s Daughter)

  29. Using your personal blog to boost other aspiring writers is such a thoughtful notion. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

    I mostly write comedic fantasy. My short story, “How to Steal the Plot Armor,” won second place in the Writers of the Future contest, and can be found in anthology 37:

    People can also read my writing for free by visiting and signing up for my newsletter. In exchange, I’ll send you a novella about the adventures of Hell’s Librarian.

    Thanks for being a good person, Ailish!

  30. I’m late to the party (as per yuzh), but i blog at 2 places and am making more effort to write and see where it can take me. I write about healing from childhood trauma and living with serious mental illness. It’s tragic sometimes, but mostly encouraging, sometimes uplifting and inspirational, and my twisted sense of humour makes the occasional appearance, as well.

    My blog here is:

    A couple of Medium pieces so you get an idea what to expect there (friend links so you can read for free):

  31. I love your initiative Ailish. Thanks so much. My s site is which includes poetry, but also short stories and just blog posts of my life. I hope to write a book one day but I am still in the process of learning. I have a concept of a fantasy world already worked out in my mind but I need to get it on paper.

  32. Hello, Ailish and readers! I am most grateful for the opportunity to share my writing and to see what others have to offer. I write a blog of short personal essays, I would be honored if anyone wants to take a peek. Best wishes to all.

  33. Thank you, Ailish, for coming up with this great idea. Been reading all the comments here and I’m loving this, so decided to post one of my own. It’s an awesome review a reader recently left for my middle-grade mystery. Getting a review like this one just brings new life into my motivation to keep writing:

    “I thought CONSPIRATORS CLUB would be a juvenile type mystery-adventure, but it was a true mystery with evil villains who have a history of violence, jewel theft, and blackmail. And a schoolmaster at a boarding school who would make Cruella DeVille look like a kitten. The school on Shadow Skeery (meaning a rocky island) seemed more like a prison. Meals were skimpy, rooms and showers icy. And detention was like being on a chain gang. The kids are threatened and mis-treated.
    And so a secret group of four 6th graders became the Conspirators Club, not to cause anyone injury, but to mess things up for the evil headmaster.
    Of course they got in a lot deeper than they’d planned and as they tried to investigate a dastardly crime, they nearly lost it all. There are caves and secret passageways to aid (or trap) them too. This is a book that will keep 10-14 year olds glued to the pages. The mystery is a challenge, and the suspense never stops. A right good and satisfying ending too!”

    And here’s the link to the book 🙂

  34. I post a lot of my poetry on my instagram, tabormillienwrites. I have a self-published book of poetry through Amazon:

    It’s also linked on my blog where I post about books I’ve read. I don’t know if they’re exactly reviews, just my thoughts on them. Most of my posts recently have been my “Books by State” posts. I made myself a challenge to read a book for every state in the U.S. (where I live). They are all fiction. I have posted poems on my blog as well. I’m also in the process of writing a novel, so we’ll see where that leads!

  35. Thanks for this opportunity Ailish. It’s very kind of you. I write “Nature and Supernatural Nature”, a blog focussing on links between the natural world and the spirit world in Jamaica.

    The blog originally grew out of a chapter on spiritual healing which I didn’t get a time to include in my PHD and a list of the ethnobotanical properties of Jamaican plants made in the 1920s by American anthropologist Martha Warren Beckwith. Since then it’s gone on to include animal lore, the occasional post on early/mid-20th century female anthropologists and folklore collectors, and Hawaiian plant lore as Hawaii was the other big area of Beckwith’s research.

    Having said all that, it’s not meant as an academic read but hopefully something that anyone with an interest in spirit lore/folklore can enjoy 🙂

  36. Hi! I just found your blog! I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything such as a full book – I have ideas, but with little kids in the house, the time is lacking to sit down and write – but I’m taking the first tiny step into doing a blog – the site is . Thank you. 🙂

    1. I don’t think I could have written a book when my children were small. I did get up at 4am every day to write THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR in peace though 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

      1. It’s interesting that you should say that – Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) credits a lot of his success to getting up early – 4:30am at the latest. That way he’s got peace and quiet in order to be creative and think, and by 10:30am or so, when he says the “business” stuff starts coming in (emails, etc) he’s got the bulk of what he needs to do already done. For several months, I was actually getting up at 4:30 to get a jump on the day, but right now, I still have one who tends to get stuffy in the middle of the night and wakes me up screaming until she can get her nose more clear. We do what we can, don’t we?


  37. So fun learning about you and your books. Plus everyone else’s also. I also want to thank you for liking a post on my book blog. I myself don’t know all the dos and don’ts of sharing about books. Read, enjoy, share… that’s what I do. So many amazing authors go unnoticed and I’m thankful I can help some shine a bit more. Your books look amazing. Excited to find out more. Happy writing and reading.

  38. Hello Ailish – I enjoy your posts about places in Aberdeenshire and the links with your books. I live in the western isles and write children’s books in Gaelic. Non published yet but am working on it (-: Recently i had the chance to share a story I wrote in English at the Brilliant and Forever literary festival in Stornoway (in front of alpacas). You can read about it here (scroll down for English)

  39. Hello! I found your blog Ailish because you ‘liked’ a post on mine (Rachael S. Lucas Writing). I am a self-published author of YA Fantasy and Sci-fi. Thank you for checking my blog out!

    One of my series is a YA Fantasy about pirates, sailing ships and a mysterious treasure.Though it is fantasy, I have drawn heavily on history to create the pirates and their surroundings.
    You can find out more about ‘Sailing For Shadow City’ and its sequel on my website, here:


    1. Hi Ailish,
      I am currently promoting 3 of my books, namely:-
      THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED, a fact-based 20th century historical romance with a strong female lead set in Britain in the 1930s and during WW2. Emily falls passionately in love with working class Walter despite opposition from her father and resolves to elope. She struggles to survive the devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four-year-old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death. Their air raid shelter is destroyed by a direct hit.
      When Walter volunteers for the army, Emily and her son are evacuated to a rat-infested cottage in a farming community near Hebden Bridge. The war changes Walter into an efficient army officer who demands to be obeyed. How can she restore their loving relationship?
      The Girl Who Disappeared is a moving love story about one woman’s enduring resilience, a story full of quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.
      ‘Brilliantly written! It’s a very moving and emotional story. The characters had a lot of depth and were very realistic. 5 Stars’ (Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews)
      ‘Wow! What a good book’ (Goodreads reviewer)
      ‘James brought their lives to life’ (Library Thing reviewer)
      ‘A beautiful historical blend of fact and fiction. 5stars.’ (Readers Favorite)
      ‘The historical information was well researched and accurate.’ (Amazon UK reviewer)
      ‘A wonderful, exciting book to read, the author puts us right there in the middle of the story.’ (Linkedin comment)
      The audiobook of The Girl Who Disappeared reached the top fifty of Amazon’s 20th Century Historical Romance genre and is traditionally published.
      Details of the book are at and

      THE CAUCASUS CAULDRON. MI6 spies; Russian FSB; Chechen terrorists; Abkhaz Separatists; the 1992 Georgian war.
      This breath-taking and brutal thriller is set in the Caucasus Mountains during Georgia’s ill-fated invasion of Abkhazia in 1992. It gives a vivid focus to a world ripping itself apart and ravaged by never ending hatred and blood feuds.
      Can our hero, Mac, trust the attractive Russian FSB officer, Kris, who befriends him and how will she react to Doctor Anna, a Separatist rabble-rouser who holds the key to his secret mission? How will Mac cope with the Chechen terrorist who has vowed to kill him? ‘You are a dead man English. We know who you are. You are spying on our people. Now you die.’
      The result is an intense action-packed thriller full of danger, death and fear but a story with quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.
      ‘It is a very well-written plot, and I enjoyed it. The characters are so engrossing. If you love a good spy and conspiracy thriller, this book should be next on your list. The Caucasus Cauldron is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.’
      Details of the book are at or at

      My new novella, TRAPPED IN IRAN, has now been published as an eBook and is available on Amazon. The blurb reads: “Mossad agents, Israeli engineers, Revolutionary Guards, The Ayatollah returns, The 1979 Iranian Revolution.
      This exciting 20th century historical thriller inspired by real events is the story of a Jewish hero. A group of Israeli engineers is trapped in central Iran when the world about them explodes in chaos. Imagine their plight when they discover the Shah has been deposed and Ayatollah Khomeini has returned from exile.
      How can they escape with their lives? What should they do? Can our hero Guy Hart rescue the attractive Emma Levine and his colleagues from capture by the Revolutionary Guards?
      The result is an intense action-packed thriller full of danger, death, and fear with some romance as well as surprising twists and turns.”
      All the best,
      James Lingard

  40. Hi Alish,
    Thank you for following my blog, and thank you for the service you provide to writers.
    I am finishing a novel at this time. We are in final editing, proofing, and formatting for publication. I write fiction, and most involve issues centered on crime. I like to include a love story, usually two people who, under most conditions, would have never met.
    My new novel is titled: “Lies, Deception and the Stealing of Wealth”. I have an author’s website and blog (see the link below). I post some of my photo work and small portions of what I’m working on at the time.
    I would be happy to post current work on your site. As I am trying to increase followers, I invite others to let me share their work on my site.

    Link to website & blog:

  41. Hi Ailish, I enjoyed reading your post about Autumn in Scotland today, as I’m having a similar feeling as leaves change to orange and red against bright blue skies and white pine needles flutter on the wind in the sunshine. I saw your invitation to post about our writing here. Thank you for creating this space to share. It’s fun to see the variety of books and blogs from everyone. I’ve just begun reading SISTERS ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, and I love how your writing is deeply inspired by place.

    My writing is also very much about place, although it’s far from Scotland. WHEN TO HOLD ON is a contemporary girl-meets-girl young adult novel-in-verse set in the Driftless Area in the American Midwest, a region rich in deep river valleys and high ridges, prairie and oak savannah. A quiet teen girl has always preferred the sound of the creek over talking, and this becomes even more true as she struggles to accept the death of her mother. But she also wishes she knew what to say to the new girl in town. Both love and the only place she calls home is at stake unless she can learn when to listen and when to speak up, when to let go and when to hold on.

    Here’s my website for more info about the book, my other poetry/writing, and photos:

    Here’s a short excerpt from after the girls meet:

    Leaving the Library

    We are two loose leaves
    passing on the breeze, swirling
    Will we meet again?

    Thanks for all the glimpses of Scotland on your blog and in your book. I look forward to returning again in the near future!

    1. Thank you for sharing your writing 🙂 It sounds fascinating. That’s a good idea to share an excerpt too; maybe I should do an excerpt invitation post…

  42. Thank you for this opportunity, Ailish! I’m very excited about your latest novel. That’s a period of history I’ve always found fascinating but know very little about!

    The Prologue to my second novel, The Prodigal Sons, begins this way:

    “He leaned his back against an ancient oak as Lia collapsed beside him, grasping his arm with her hand and snuggling into his side.”

    While it is the second book in a series, it is also a backstory, and can be read as a standalone or in sequence. It has a little more grit and a little more romance than my first book, and explores the interwar period from a German perspective. There is also a Scottish connection in the book which I was very excited to include because of my own Scots heritage

    The eBook can be pre-ordered here:

    And here are my web links:

    A lovely weekend to all!

  43. Thanks for the chance to share Ailish! I’m new to the sharing of actual story books, I self published a few poetry books before, wonder what to share. This is a Christmas story I just completed. I’ve done a small collection of childrens stories for early years too, if anyone has little ones they may like some stories for. I’ll put that as the second link. How exciting! I enjoy seeing your pictures, and thanks again for the follow!

  44. ps. sorry if you get two from me, it said it submitted it, but didn’t show on my screen, technical moment my end probably, hope you have a good evening!

  45. How lovely to find a place where writers can share their work with others. I, myself, have published 3 books recently on Amazon and I’m adding my author Central page which is the quickest way to access all my books.
    I specialize in romantic Thrillers with twists and sprinkling of fantasy. I even created an alternate universe, and i think you’ll enjoy reading these books. So here’s the link

  46. Thanks, Ailish, Here’s the universal link to my series, which is set in a world not quite our own, no magic, and based heavily on northern Britain; almost all the second book, Empire’s Hostage, and much of the the fifth and sixth, Empire’s Reckoning and Empire’s Heir, take place in my Scotland-analogue land, Linrathe. They are set roughly in the early medieval period, after the ‘Eastern Empire’ has left – or at least that’s where they start.

  47. Hello Ailish! I LOVE your books and I’d be honored if you read my short poetry chapbook, Lift the Mask. It’s available to purchase on Amazon (

    Or you can sign up for my newsletter and get an ebook free –

    Thank you for the opportunity to share!

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