Cairnbulg and Inverallochy: Come Awa In!

Cairnbulg: come awa in!
Come away in!

I took a wee trip to Cairnbulg. And also Inverallochy, as the two fishing villages are joined together. I drove myself, a major milestone in the healing process (see posts about illness here and here).

Cairnbulg Library

The library had some lovely signs up, written in the Doric, the Scots language as spoken in the northeast of Scotland. They were fairly simple, but I will translate under the pictures.

Cairnbulg library in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
The Counter

My favourite was the one that separated the adult books from the junior section.

Cairnbulg library
Big folks books

There’s a vaguely Pictish feel to the statue outside the library.

Statue outside Cairnbulg Library.
Statue outside Cairnbulg Library

The Beach

After perusing the books and signs, I drove down to the beach.

Cairnbulg: washing lines
Communal washing line

I had forgotten how beautiful the rugged and rocky nature of the coast at the bottom of the village was.


I just had to walk down onto the beach. Another ‘blue mind‘ moment!

Rocks at Cairnbulg
Rocks at Cairnbulg beach


The memorial below commemorates all those who have been lost at sea from the community.

Memorial at Cairnbulg

Haste Ye Back!

And lastly, probably needing no translation, but I will anyway, Haste Ye Back! To the blog as well as the library…

Haste You Back: return soon!

For more Doric sayings see the post Dancing Round Aberdeen in the Rain

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Fireflies and Chocolate at the library!
Picture taken at Fraserburgh Library, books on the just returned shelf.
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42 Replies to “Cairnbulg and Inverallochy: Come Awa In!”

  1. Loving your Scotland photos – I am partly of Scots descent on my father’s side – i don’t know where from exactly, which is irritating, but hopefully I will find out one day – the other interesting thing is I also have significant Norse/Scandinavian DNA, which I believe is not uncommon in many people of Scots descent. I watched a recent BBC reel about how the Vikings never left Scotland and the culture is still everywhere if one looks.
    Anyway, all the best to you.

  2. Curious minds are asking, if known and can tell – – the communal washing line picture….the rocks on the path seem very coherently spaced, as if on purpose – done that way? Or just natural result of the winds, tides and rains nearby? I confess to zoning in on that and having about a 1,000 questions about it – is it a path?? LOL – – Love the signs at the library – in the world of librarires I once worked in for awhile, here, across the Great Blue from you? Signs and labels were a part of ‘making the library a community hub’ which means – makes sense to the locals it serves – 😀

    1. There are stones embedded in concrete. I assume it’s for decoration as the stones make walking quite difficult. The rocks beyond are built up to protect the houses from the high tide.

  3. Here in the middle of Germany, the “visit” to the North East toons with evocative language in the signs and the poignant statues mad my heart smile and of course brought on a wave of home-sickness.

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