Fraserburgh Beach: a good place for #bluemind

Fraserburgh Beach

Fraserburgh beach in Aberdeenshire is sandy and golden and beautiful. It’s usually pretty deserted, especially early in the morning, and I love it.

I’m still very taken with the concept of blue mind (see last post on it here) and have decided to take every opportunity to experience it.

So, here I am.

Fraserburgh beach

Beside the ocean.

The tide is in today, so I only have to take a few steps to be right by the water. Sometimes the North Sea is far far away in Fraserburgh bay.

But this gentle morning, I just sit on a pink granite block and breathe it all in. The sun. The lapping waves. And the blue… the glorious blue.

Fraserburgh beach

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29 Replies to “Fraserburgh Beach: a good place for #bluemind”

  1. Great post, Ailish. The Broch beach is one of my favourite beaches and you’ve captured it beautifully! I love the ‘blue mind’ concept–Buchanhaven Beach in Peterhead is great for it as it’s generally quiet and feels more isolated as you head toward St. Fergus.

  2. I must get back. It’s been almost 20 years since I visited the family farm in the hills where one can see the sea…hills from a person who grew up on the land where the mountains rise strait from the sea cutting off all but the most courageous travellers.

  3. Blue-mind… That is a beautiful concept — and it really describes the feeling well. I live by a very different sea – the Pacific Ocean… with her ironic name. There is nothing tame about this sea — she is wild… even when she is calm she must be respected – like any wild creature. Never turn your back on the sea… I live on the north coast of Oregon in the US — but I dream about seeing the coasts of northern Europe… especially Scotland, England, and Ireland. It’s unlikely I will ever see more than pictures since my grown sons can’t travel and require a lot of care – but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming about it. 🙂 I love living by the sea though — at some point the water here has likely flowed by the lands I want to visit — perhaps that’s the next best thing. 🙂

    1. The Pacific is so varied. I grew up closer to Alaska then Oregon, but it’s the same ocean…but I was 100 miles inland. I seldom saw open ocean like you would see, or Scotland. The huge rolling waves. What I grew up with was strong currents and chop…and the cracking of the ice as the tide changed.

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