Rosehearty Harbour: tiny blog, tiny outing…

Rosehearty Harbour in Aberdeenshire

Rosehearty harbour, pretty with pink thrift growing in the foreground.

So, I’m out.

In the car.

Whizzing through the countryside.

Seeing things that are not my garden, not my house: ripening crops, winding roads, people, tractors, dogs…

I’ve moved on from the small blue ball I was before. In my excitement to be out, I overestimate the level of moving on that has occurred. Going into a shop turns out to be a mistake that leads to pain and shaking and a slow hobbling retreat.

But sitting by Rosehearty harbour, on a bench, in the sun, is perfect.

It’s progress, and it’s good.

Rosehearty Harbour

Read more about the harbour at Rosehearty, one of the oldest seaports in Scotland, here.

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18 Replies to “Rosehearty Harbour: tiny blog, tiny outing…”

  1. Congrats on getting out AND recognizing, “oops…maybe a bit much, too soon….” Hoping you didn’t set yourself back overdoing to GET back home! and well – holding in my heart that this is a ‘small trip’ that exercised some recovery parts, but doesn’t bust ya back to ‘starting over’ on the ‘getting better’ front! <3

  2. Oh, yea…um.. P.S. The pictures are lovely! Sorry, I got all caught up in the ‘okay – well – good for you – but don’t set yourself back! Ease….back…into it! Take care of you!’ shows of support – – sigh – – no one should let me post comments wthout moderating them first – — 😀

  3. Beautiful pictures. This reminds me of the small fishing village of Kilmore Quay in Ireland. It is 3 kilometers away from were my family lives.

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