Winter Deepens in Scotland: frosty and pink

winter deepens

Winter deepens. The sky and loch are pink.

Walking is crunchy through the frozen mud.

winter deepens

I want the Solstice to come. I need more light. My body doesn’t like the extreme cold. It threatens to turn monstrous. And it’s -7 here today.

But it’s beautiful. And the beach is pink too.

Books for the Deepening Winter

My historical novels all involve little-known dark historical events, romance and a little magic…

  • SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD opens on a snowy winter solstice.
  • THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR has 6 chapters of medieval Christmas.
  • FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE features Christmas in Colonial Pennsylvania.

They’re all available in paperback, kindle and on kindle unlimited.

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Novels by Ailish Sinclair


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32 Replies to “Winter Deepens in Scotland: frosty and pink”

  1. You yearn for the return of warmth while I pine for cooler weather here in the antipodes (it’s 30 degrees Celsius here and not yet noon) but when what we yearn for comes again, we’ll perhaps pine for the other. Human nature, I guess. My mum was a Scot, a Busby girl; she said what she hated of Scottish winters was the near eternal darkness. But the compensation was always the long, long warm days of summer.

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