A Snowy Loch Today

snowy loch

We have reached the snowy loch milestone of winter, with snow sitting atop a layer of ice over the water. Today is windy, and there may be more snow, but it’s a balmy 1 degree. Will the loch be even snowier tomorrow? I suspect so.

Here endeth the weather report.

Christmas Folklore

crackers on a snowy loch post

The Wee Writing Lassie (of the cheeky questions and assumptions) has been blogging some Christmas folklore. It’s nice, if not quite enough to make me feel festive yet.

I still just want to sit and write. And today I shall.

Book of the Day: Fireflies and Chocolate

Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair

Ailish Sinclair has turned her attention from the terrible subject of witch hunting in sixteenth century Aberdeen, to the equally disturbing events that surrounded child kidnapping and the slave trade in the mid 1700s.

Using the experiences of real characters, she tells the story of Elizabeth Manteith, captured on the docks of Aberdeen and transported on a slave ship to the Colonies, where a fearful and uncertain future awaits.

Friendships forged on the journey are soon shattered, leaving Elizabeth alone and desolate. However, she retains her passionate desire to find the young man who befriended her on board the ship… and to get back home to her beloved Scotland.

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Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair


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14 Replies to “A Snowy Loch Today”

  1. Ailish, thanks for sharing magic picture, in Czech is -7 outside now, little snow ,so definitely end of the watersports 🙂
    Nice winter to Scotland….and whats about next book of Yours ? About some Loch near You will be ? Some lake with legend ? 🙂

  2. What luxury you provide, waking warm and far away, first thing to see is the beauty of the Scottish sunrise, then reminders of your beautiful writing. Stay strong, be well.

  3. Oh wow, one degree! I hope you didn’t sweat too much?

    Sarcasm aside, it’s surprising how good even a slight warm-up can feel after several days of below-freezing temperatures.

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