Simple Things, a Pictorial Post

beach: simple things
A walk on the beach

This is a post of simple things that make me happy. Recently, I’ve been sharing little bits of my life that relate to the forthcoming series, A Dancer’s Journey. Writing the last post of that type brought me out in a cold sweat. Literally. So today, it’s just happy, shiny things!

First up is a walk on the beach. Illness often prevents such activities, so I really appreciate them when they’re possible, and they are just now.

Next: flowers.

simple things: pink purslane
Pink Purslane in the woods
simple things: a tall peony
A tall and pollen-heavy Peony
simple things: apple blossom
apple blossom

The last of the simple things is a newly tidied drawer. Actually still a messy drawer under the shoes. But I can get to my shoes easily. And I can dance.

Ballet shoes

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36 Replies to “Simple Things, a Pictorial Post”

  1. I like to keep things simple. It helps to keep things calm.
    I hope you are having a good weekend. Enjoy your week ahead too.

  2. This is an outstanding post, and you clearly have a great eye for composing photographs. Thank you so much for this reading.

      1. Thanks for sending me the link to read about the tree. Incredible, really! And perfect for YOUR photo!

  3. The drawer of ballet shoes just hit today. I know why because I’ve been helping clean out my in-laws home (they recently moved to assisted living community) and we are discovering history in different places. The photo is a representation of that in a way…

  4. So you’ve wrote a book? Wow! Outstanding achievement! I sometimes wish I could compile all my posts into a book, but I’m afraid it would be very unpopular

    1. If it’s something you feel drawn to do, it could be a satisfying project, regardless of popularity. A book’s success is hard to predict, and often more to do with marketing than anything else.

  5. Beautiful flowers photos. Nice written blog post. I like. Very interesting you sharing simple things . What a beautiful walk a beach pic vi like.

  6. Ailish, I love the simple things in life. Your photos representing simplicity are beautiful. I am sorry to read on your blog that you are suffering from autoimmune conditions. I had years of suffering, but have improved with good health. I hope the same for you. Congratulations on pressing through and finishing your book. I do understand how hard pressing through can be. I hope to read some of your work very soon.

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