Walking on Balmedie Beach in my Slippers

Balmedie Beach, walking on the beach

On the way home from a hospital visit in 2020, I stopped at Balmedie beach.

Balmedie Beach

I crossed the boardwalk slowly, being careful not to catch my slippers in the gaps between wood. My foot is a lot better, though I still can’t wear proper shoes or put my heel right down on the ground, but I was determined to walk on the beach.

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A Little Autumn Love

witches stone

Buchan pano

Golden mornings follow bright sunrises and the low sun does things to the sky:

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loch at sunset


Autumn deepens


Colours and skies become startling in autumn.

skies grow dramatic as autumn deepens

plums appear as autumn deepens

Plums ripen and fields are ploughed.


And the road home is sprinkled with gold.


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