Social Distancing and Kindle Unlimited

Social distancing at Fraserburgh beach

Originally posted March 2020.

It feels like the world has changed dramatically since I last blogged at the end of February. I very much hope you are all safe and well. My pneumonia experience last year has left me with a damaged lung, so I am social distancing. Being at home. Writing. Editing. Actually getting round to cleaning the cooker!

I have been paying some early morning visits to some lovely lonely places.

pebbles on the beach

Pebbled beaches. Sandy beaches.

Social distancing in teh dunes at Fraserburgh

Even the cows are keeping their distance just now!

Highland cows social distancing too

I’ve been walking in the woods, doing my breathing exercises…

social distancing in the woods

and enjoying the spring sunshine…

sunlight in the woods

all the way up to the witch stone!

witch stone

THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR is available at local book shop Better Read Books in Ellon.

The Mermaid and the Bear at Better Read Books in Ellon

And it’s now free to download on Kindle Unlimited here. Might be of use to some during their own social distancing or self isolation.

I loved a recent review on the Castles and Turrets blog: “It annoyed my sister because she wanted to talk to me that day and I told her that I could no longer socialize until I had finished this book haha!” 😀

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75 Replies to “Social Distancing and Kindle Unlimited”

  1. I agree, one of the unexpected benefits of social distancing is more time to blog and read. The Mermaid and the Bear looks interesting. I’ll check that out.

  2. Good to hear from you Ailish. I was beginning to worry knowing of your recent pneumonia experience though I did know of the lung damage. I cannot get quite as isolated as you (what extraordinarily beautiful places surround you) though I’m doing my best as I’m too in the most vulnerable group. Just take care; I want to read that next book .

  3. What a nice compliment for your book.
    As I work from home anyway, my time hasn’t freed up that much. Then again, most of our shopping is now online, which saves a lot of time on weekends.

  4. I love the photos! Visiting Scotland was a highlight of my life and I can’t wait to come back. Something about that country felt right to me, if that doesn’t sound to corny? I am excited to check out your book. If you need a read, I also have two books on Amazon and they are part of Kindle Unlimited. Once Upon a Classic, and Once Upon a Nightshift by L.E. Ellington.

  5. A beautiful perspective, thank you for sharing. My family and friends and I are (separately) safe and well, thank you, and hope you are and remain so, too!

  6. Those are some beautiful pictures, and your book sounds very interesting! I’m always excited to find a new author to try out. Thanks so much for stopping by my Indie Author Spotlight today, I do hope you’ll come back!

      1. This made me laugh out loud (my 8yo thinks I’m nuts). I once quoted an Arnold movie in a job interview… “But they were all bad.”

  7. Thank you for this wonderful blog entry Ailish! I’m excited to follow. Sorry to hear about your health, I’m shielding here too. I’m actually enjoying the time to write and enjoy a deeper connection with nature. The beach looks stunning there and so beautifully quiet, which I love. My ideal beach is a not your typical tourist beach, but the rugged, rocky shores, quiet beaches strewn with rough grasses and wildflowers. Beaches that are feral and misbehave! I have a blog entry to wrote soon on such a beach! Best wishes x x

    1. What a wonderful way to describe the wilder beaches, feral and misbehaving. I love it, and have followed you and your beautiful blog too. It would be a great one to feature in my next mailing list if that’s okay with you?

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