Bluebell Woods and Pink Petals

Sunlight in the bluebells woods

It’s still cold here in in Scotland. But it must be summer. Because look at the bluebells! Vibrant patches of purple abound in the forest. The scent is rich and heady, luxurious. It calls to mind the fairy folklore of bluebell woods, but I was not spirited off to fairyland, not this time.

pink bench and pink petals

It’s quite floral in the garden too; cherry blossom falls like pink snow and gathers everywhere creating a carpet of petals.

A floral carpet of pink petals

I walk the pink carpet to the pink bench…

Then I run into the bluebell woods to wait for the fairies again.

Down in the bluebell woods... Scotland.

Terry Tyler has written a wonderful review of FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE: “A ghastly accident of circumstance leads to her being imprisoned on an Aberdeen slave ship, taking children and young people to the tobacco plantations of North America. A round of applause to Ms Sinclair for using fiction to highlight little-known history – I knew nothing about this.

See the whole review here on Rosie Amber’s blog.

Ailish Sinclair's novels, among pink petals
I had to lay the books down among the petals!

Set in a castle, THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR features the Scottish witchcraft accusations and a love story.

FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE was inspired by the 18th century kidnapped children of Aberdeen.

Paperbacks and kindle:

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57 Replies to “Bluebell Woods and Pink Petals”

  1. It might still be cool there, but it’s HOT here–in the 90s already, and it’s only May! Congrats on being able to picture TWO books on those petals! May many more follow those two!

  2. ,, Then I run into the bluebell woods to wait for the fairies again. ” I loved these words of Your, Ailish…its almost magical. Beautiful words, photos.Your article is like from a fairy, you are Her, for sure!

      1. Thanks. I have lived in the last months in a world of coincidences, similar is like being connected to others, as if we were taking ideas, thoughts, images from somewhere .. from somewhere take the same..not copying, it’s like at the same time around our planet there was a field of stories, myths, words … which just like clouds flow around our planet and sometimes, you know for sure, sometimes you are lucky, ready and at the right time in the right place and feel it coming on its own as if you were connected,
        you reach out into the clouds and have somehing… It brings incredibly indescribable moments, all the work, renunciation, loneliness, in the end it’s just us and a blank paper, a computer screen … and when it succeeds …. YES! 🙂

        Have a great time, good luck Fairy Ailish 🙂

  3. Beautiful colors in the landscape — thanks for sharing these photos. Cherry blossoms are wonderful on trees of course, but there’s another wonder when they are blown around and land on the ground. Pink snow indeed.

  4. That was a magical little journey, and the pics are inspiring. Here it’s unseasonally cold – but the bluebells have appeared 🙂 (and then I think, good, fairies are nearby too).

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