The First Frost of Winter

The first frost of winter brings blue skies and cirrus clouds

We’ve had the first frost, that seasonal reminder of what real cold actually is. Many of the trees are bare now and the skies are icy blue.

The first frost at the side of the track, Scotland

It does make for crisp, less muddy walks.

In the older post Walking the Witchy Ways of Aberdeen, I mentioned that I was called ‘weather obsessed’ in the Evening Standard. Recent writings here do suggest that might, in fact, be the case. I’ve certainly been waxing lyrical about autumn all over the blog.

But, you see, I often miss seasonal beauty due to medical condition flare-ups. I remember being sad about missing autumn last year. Seeing it through the windows was no substitute for marching through those crunchy leaves.

So, this year, I march. And I stop to appreciate the sparkle of that first frost.

Frosty morning, Scotland. First frost

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31 Replies to “The First Frost of Winter”

  1. I really relate to those feelings of both missing seasons and then being determined to revel in them; that’s very much how I feel as I slowly emerge from the cancer experience over the last 18 months. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring this year seems extra poignant.

  2. I understand your obsession with the weather, Ailish. Health issues can take up a lot of your time and cause you to miss out on the beauty of nature. Your posts have certainly been inspirational for me. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I love every season and kind of hyper focus on them as they change. Last week we had freezing rain,snow and then hoar frost so it was sparkly all right! Bernie

  4. So HAPPY for you, ya got to walk through Fall this year and ‘not miss experiencing it’ while laid up and gazing out the window from afar – <3 Here too – there are so many shades of blues for the sky – icy cold, spring warm, fall cool, blinding bright/deep warm/hot – for me, here? The past week saw blue skies with storm clouds dissapaiting to the south, just as the sun rose to greet & kiss the section of earth I live upon – Oh MY!!! I gaze out, and simply had to fling open the door to walk out in my stocking feet (I went to the kitchen to refill my coffee and return to work, afterall…) to gaze out at the world – shrouded in mindnight black/blue – with only street lights, neighbor's yard light and/or moonlight such a short (it seems to me!) time ago – to drink in an ENTIRE LANDSCAPE kissed in shades of pink and shades of lavender! in FALL! the season of yellows, oranges and browns! I tell you what – this last week? Has totally made me wonder how many 'colors of the rainbow' falls I've missed out on because I slept through or worked through them! 😀

      1. It is my home and I love it – in all it’s gifts and challenges – <3 Thank you for hearing my 'heart and love' of my landscape, as I shared it – because, for those not accustomed to wide open spaces? This land leaves them feeling alone and vulnerable – but oh – this land! Freedom AND Support – just like many lands – if one can ever adjust to it's gifts! – hugs!

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