Strained Eyes, Social Media and Summer

looking at the daisies with my strained eyes
Looking at Ox-eye daisies in the meadow, squinting against the sun with my strained eyes…

Strained Eyes

I have strained eyes. I’ve been writing, writing, writing. Or actually, editing, editing, editing. A Dancer’s Journey is progressing. It feels slow, but these books are long, long, long. And emotional. And diabolical and barbarous and sexy and witty and fun. Working on them is actually immense fun. I will miss it when they’re done.

And they will be soon. They are coming, I promise 🙂 Edit: Amazon!

looking at roses with strained eyes
Rose and Buddleia in the garden


I’m on there. Just. Here I am. It will be part of the fediverse, like Mastodon (there too, sometimes).

Mither Tap on Bennachie
First post on Threads is the sign for the Mither Tap on Bennachie (the hill features in SISTERS).

But for today…

I’m closing my strained eyes and putting my feet in the pool in my, very slanting, summer garden.

strained eyes resting by the pool

Historical Fiction

These novels feature little-known dark events, romance and a hint of magic.

The historical novels of Ailish Sinclair
  • MERMAID: witchcraft, a stone circle, a castle and a love story.
  • FIREFLIES: kidnapping, friendship and chocolate.
  • SISTERS: ancient battle, neurodiversity and forbidden romance.

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Ailish's feet

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  1. Beautiful photos, always — even though these sights are first seen through strained eyes. Thanks for sharing, stay well. Looking forward to your next books.

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