Sometimes the Sea Wears Wonderful Colours

sometimes the sea: peering through the grasses to the sea

Sometimes the sea is all we need…

A mellow walk on the beach. A moment to catch our breath.

through the grasses to the sea

We start high up on the dunes and push our way through the long grasses, side-stepping to avoid the many large snails that live there, and then we walk onto the sand.

sometimes the sea

There we stare out over the wonderful, wonderful sea; it is showing green today. We stand and breathe the sweet air, and feel the gentle breeze on our faces.

darker skies over the sea

It doesn’t stay bright and gentle for long. As is so often the way in Scotland, the weather is subject to swift change. By the time we leave the beach, the wind – a breeze no more – is swirling dark clouds over Tiger Hill, the largest dune on the skyline.

clouds gather over the beach: sometimes the sea wears wonderful colours

The star of today’s little blog has been: Fraserburgh beach!

I needed that breath of sea air today.

Let’s end on an, albeit metaphorical, oceanic quote from SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.


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76 Replies to “Sometimes the Sea Wears Wonderful Colours”

  1. Love your photos of Scotland! I’m curious. What have you found to be the pros/cons of writing in first person as opposed to third-person omniscient?

  2. Well. I came here for the photos but stayed for the book. I didn’t know you had one due out. And in little over than a week! Congratulations! Off to check that out! Cheers.

      1. Must have been about 8 years ago I think. The Thai Tourist Board were looking to show off their gorgeous beaches but there were just too many people in the shots, so, I believe they lifted one from a Scottish beach. Alas, I cant recall which one, maybe the west coast?

  3. Gorgeous beach and beautiful words. Best of luck for the release I stumbled upon the blog today and loved it. Would be glad if you could review some of my work.

  4. I can recall some beautiful spring days on the Aberdeenshire coast when I used to travel there for business, equally some fierce coastal winds. [ie not always gentle breezes!]

  5. Wonderful! I don’t have the sea here. Though I could see living near one. In the meantime, I study the moods of the sky, knowing that it shares with the sea.

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