The Great Tapestry of Scotland

first pioneers to Scotland

The Great Tapestry of Scotland is a beautiful trail through history and, at 143 metres long, the longest tapestry in the world.

My Visit to the Tapestry in 2014

Its soft sewn artworks filled three large rooms of Aberdeen Art Gallery, and photography was allowed. Yes. I was happy. May you be too.

Despite the earliness of my visit, the gallery was crowded; I was not quite so happy about the angle of this next pic. Lovely, lovely stone circle, though:

stone circles panel of The Great Tapestry of Scotland


witches panel of The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Some early inspiration for THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR, perhaps?






14108971062_74b94ae9bc_b (700x700)


Robert Louis Stevenson
‘Fiction is to grown men what play is to the child.’ RLS


Dolly the Sheep


There was something calm and nourishing about walking round this exhibition. Whether it was the gentle and warm art of needlework that hung everywhere in the rooms – there was also a lady demonstrating sewing techniques – or the many different styles from the 1000+ stitchers marking the constant change of the world, I don’t know. The overall feeling was reflective yet hopeful: happy.

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Great Tapestry

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  1. I ran across this tapestry earlier this year on the net (no travel yet!) and enjoyed featuring its panel honoring the Granite Men in Wisconsin at my blog — the same kind of folk as my great-grandfather, who was an Aberdeenshire stone-mason. These photos give a better sense of the materiality of the panels than others I’ve seen.

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