Autumn Leaves and a Lack of Words

River Ugie and autumn leaves

I took a quiet walk through autumn leaves at Aden Park.

autumns leaves on the path

Peering through an old tree:

autumn leaves through a split trunk

Up by the Mansion House:

autumn leaves

Blue and green should most definitely be seen…

blue sky and green grass through the old Mansion House at Aden Park

Some of the newer plantings have not survived:

a yellow tree

But many have:

big tree, little tree
red and orange autumn leaves

I love the Maples.

Autumn leaves: Maple
red maple autumn leaves

I feel like I don’t have many words left in me. They’ve been used up. They’re coming very soon in book form.


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31 Replies to “Autumn Leaves and a Lack of Words”

  1. Thank you for this post. I love your pictures.

    I turned on the heat today and met with my landscaper this morning. I can’t keep fescue alive where shade isn’t cast. I have lost so many trees too. With climate change, it’s more difficult to keep the green!

  2. Hey there Ailish
    Great bunch of pictures. I’ve always liked the autumn best. Not to hot and not too cold. Even when it gets chilly, I just put on a jacket. Have a super wonderful day and thanks for posting the beautiful pictures.

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