Fedderate Castle in Aberdeenshire

I stopped to take a photo of Fedderate Castle near New Deer on my little road to winter journey. It dates from 1474, but there’s not much left of it today. The castle is a protected monument now, but before it gained that status, there was an attempt to blow it up as it was seen “as an impediment to agriculture.” It stands tall, a beautiful and distinctive shape in the landscape. The over-wintering crop around it is only slightly impeded, I think.

Medieval re-enactor Andrew Spratt took an older image of mine and created this rather wonderful GIF of the castle through the ages and the seasons:

Fedderate Castle on Canmore

The Mermaid and the Bear

The Mermaid and the Bear by Ailish Sinclair

If you like castles, Scotland, history, witches, stone circles and Christmas done medieval-style, you might like THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR. There’s also a love story.

“A delight from end to end…” Undiscovered Scotland

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New book by Fraserburgh author highlights horrific extent of witch trials in Scotland from the Press and Journal.


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  1. I’m glad what’s left of the castle is preserved, Ailish. It will put some of the crops around it in shade for part of the day, but preserving history is important to me.

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