Small Flowers and Writing Affirmations

Stripy Petunias
Daring little petunias – no writing affirmations needed for them!

I am writing again. Finally.

I didn’t need any encouragement – I’ve been champing at the bit waiting to be well enough – but I did feel a little nervous. What if my brain was rusty? What if this resulted in me writing bilge? Utter bilge. Bilge that my rusty brain thought was good?

So when YouTube suggested these writing affirmations to me, I listened. They were rather nice – empowering, even – so I’m sharing them.

Writing Affirmations

The affirmations start at 2.37 minutes in, if, like me, you want to skip the meditation/relaxation part. I listened while doing my morning mix of yoga and Pilates.

Small Flowers

a strawberry flower - writing affirmations
Red strawberry flower
purple flower - writing affirmations
A purple flower – I think it’s an Aster

A Writing-Related TikTok

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A Dancer's Journey Series by Ailish Sinclair

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10 Replies to “Small Flowers and Writing Affirmations”

  1. Delightful. Listening now, and glad to hear you’re feeling better. I, too, am back in the saddle following a two-month hiatus, motivated by an Elizabeth Woodfield blog post and writers like yourself to wax more eloquent in my imagery.

    So, this morning, I have a pair of Alien technology bio-machine hybrid labor appliances brandishing straws and juice boxes, commiserating about what’s going on in their lives. I know … the first draft will be terrible, but there’s still hope that something insightful will pop up.

    But see, I’ve already started, right here, and that’s more productive than I was five minutes ago.

    I hope you have a great day!

  2. I don’t know what else to say, except: “AWESOME for you and Fantabulous share of images and funny things” even while, I think to myself, “Sigh – who needs inspiration & affirmations to write? I HAVE to NOT give in to just write (ride) with the wind – – oh,wait! Perhaps referring to ‘writing well!” overall! My mistake! I hear the call of the wild all durn time, but give up trying to ‘domesticate’ such things, to have some semblance of meaning and order – in ‘writing world’ – Sigh –

    But, I echo other comments – lovely pics of flowers, your share on the two sides of writing inner dialogues cracked me up! given I didn’t have to log in, create an account or sign up for another account, just to see the durn thing –

    Ahh – aren’t you just fantabulous, awesome, awe-inspring AND remind me why best to just say, “Most awesome tale ever told (everyone dies…someday…) but it’s okay! Until then….(let’s just have fun with it, okie dokie?)

    You pull at my inner two sides (laughter and sorrow) all the durn time, all at the same time – thus, usually? For me?

    Meh – thanks for the update, and thanks for inspiring me and making me laugh and – may you find your way to the land of ‘yeah – I write well AND can do it on cue, whenever I durn well feel like it!” promised land – 😀

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