The Witch Stone in Winter

Frosty hill leading up to the Witch Stone. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

The ground is solid, all the ruts and bumps hard and crunchy under my feet as I climb the hill. And there on the top, small from this angle, is the Witch Stone.

It’s said that witches were burned there in the past.

It’s quiet now. Cold. Peaceful.

Ladybirds are hibernating on it! I hope they survive the season.

Ladybirds hibernate on the Witch Stone. Ailish Sinclair | Writer

66 thoughts on “The Witch Stone in Winter

  1. Ever wonder how many women were horribly executed as witches, who we would now diagnose with a mental issue, or were exhibiting odd behavior as a result of a trauma …. or perhaps who totally pissed of an influential man in a male dominant culture? Pity the poor woman who was a bit of a free spirit and reveled in non-conformity! 🙂

  2. I love the way you have photographed the stone amongst the desolation of the felling. What a strange place for ladybirds to hibernate.

    Difficult women were easily removed in the days of the witch finders.

  3. Evocative post.
    Of course, a lot of the accused ‘witches’ were the medicine women herbalists and midwives of old, unfortunately. We lost a lot of medical knowledge, particularly on women’s health and pregnancy, for centuries through their persecution…

  4. That’s interesting I’ve always called them ladybirds and never gave it a thought that they could be called bugs ,which of course they are ,but I am from Australia ! .

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