Sunrise over Tiger Hill

Sunrise over Tiger Hill at Fraserburgh beach

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is the largest sand dune at Fraserburgh beach. There are different theories as to how it got its name. One is that it looks a little like a crouched tiger. The other involves actual tigers. It’s said that four fighting tigers were used to ward off Viking invaders in the past, and that the animals were then buried where the dune is now.

Whatever the truth, Tiger Hill is beautiful.

Tiger Hill and the tide


Yesterday’s sunrise was beautiful too. It lit up the town.

Fraserburgh lit up by the sunrise, view from by Tiger Hill

I loved the pinks and blues of the sky.

sunrise over Fraserburgh beach near Tiger Hill

TENDU Aesthetic

The Wee Writing Lassie made this TikTik for TENDU, capturing many elements of the story:


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An Autistic Dancer, a Byronic Hero and an Obsessive Scientist

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Tendu by Ailish Sinclair

Enjoy a kiss on the London tube in the first book, TENDU. Romp up and down the castle stairs. Dance in a stone circle. Attend a Ceilidh in the great hall. Have your brain studied in the dungeon. All fun, I assure you. Well, not quite all…

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Chosen Sisters, Romans and Romance

sisters collage

Set in 1st century Scotland, SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD includes the battle of Mons Graupius between the Romans and the Caledonian tribes. The book features a neurodivergent main character and some rather complicated romance.

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“Ethereal and spellbinding….” Historical Novel Society

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ballet feet of Ailish Sinclair

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  1. Quite beautiful! Greetings from Dallas where we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for all my connections across the ocean!

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