The Dule Tree of Leith Hall

The Dule Tree

History of the Dule Tree

The Dule Tree at Leith Hall is one of the best known examples of this type of historical tree. It is said to have been used as both a gallows and a gibbet in the past. The house dates from the 17th century, so the macabre use of the tree probably does too.

The Dule tree - informational plaque

Another Dule Tree Tradition

There is a gentler tradition associated with dule trees. They were possibly used as places of mourning. The word ‘dule’ derives from Gaelic, and means grief.

Me, actually in the tree, trying to take a photo from an interesting angle:

Ailish Sinclair in the dule tree at Leith Hall.

Leith Hall through the trees:

Leith Hall through the trees. Dule Tree post.

One of the hall’s beautiful windows:

Roses and a window at Leith Hall in Aberdeenshire. Dule Tree post.

There’s more Leith Hall to be found here

Meanwhile, back at the desk…

The editing of A Dancer’s Journey series continues apace…

And in the garden…

Spring in Scotland is also going well.


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  1. I just returned from a 2-week trip to Scotland, but we didn’t make it to that part of the country this time. (Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Aviemore, St. Andrews this time around.) Maybe next time!

  2. Loving also that your being in the Dule Tree makes you look like you could easily be friends with an elephant since this tree reminds me of an elephant.

  3. The way the branch is bent looks very similar to the Indian Trees here in America! The Indians would bend the trees to indicate to others the right direction to go. They’re also called Trail Trees or Prayer Trees

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