A Fairy Scene, an Opening, and an Article

fairy scence: toadstool and wood sorrel

I came across this rather lovely little scene in the woods on a rainy day last week. It made me think of fairies…

Yesterday Paragraph Planet revealed the opening of The Mermaid and the Bear on their site. It’s gone now, but I took a screenshot, below. It was while walking in the same woods pictured above that the first line of the book came to me.

the opening of The Mermaid and the Bear

Women Writers, Women[‘s] Books have published my article Researching Historical Fiction: Immersing Oneself in the Past in which you can read about me setting off smoke alarms and eating primroses (yes, really) in the name of research.

The Mermaid and the Bear cover




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  1. What a magical scene and who else but you would spot it as a place where fairies dwell awhile.
    I’d forgotton about Paragraph Planet so thank you for the reminder; I must try to get something on it again.

  2. I like the fairy scene, and I’m always fascinated by the writing process of other writers Isn’t is miraculous the way these wonderful first lines will just pop into our heads?

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