The Wine Tower of Fraserburgh

the Wine Tower, Fraserburgh's oldest building

I mentioned the Wine Tower, Fraserburgh’s oldest building, in a previous post here along with the associated ghost story. It was also one of the 10 Mystical and Magical Sites in Aberdeenshire that I wrote about for the official tourism site of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

the wine tower in Fraserburgh

Inside the Wine Tower

the door of the wine tower
Through the door we go…

During one Doors Open Day, the tower was, indeed, open, and I finally got to have a look at the interior.

There was no humming and hawing from the guide as there sometimes is in official written histories of the place. The topmost room of the wine tower was a 16th century (post Reformation) Catholic Chapel owned by the Frasers of the nearby castle (now a lighthouse musuem).

the wine tower interior

The carving you can see above depicts Christ’s hands and feet. The one below is the Fraser crest, held by an ostrich.

Fraser crest in the wine tower

There seems to have been little exploration of the two lower rooms. There was no information available on them anyway. The middle one can only be reached via this hatch in the floor:

trap door!

Castle Kitchens

The old castle kitchens were also open for dark and creepy viewing.

meat hook


Let’s end on an autumnal painted sky over the loch.


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  1. Fantastic .
    Thanks for sharing with us , Ailish.

    Wish You best with Your writing and life…..suddenly its the same,
    Yes ?
    Amazing ! Enjoy every moment .
    Greeting from Czech 🙂

  2. Very cool. The history there is so ancient. I just posted about a historical tour I took of homes from the late 19th century. Way younger than your historical sights. However, I did sense an unseen presence in one.

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