Butterflies, ARCs and Lots of Words

proofreading Tendu... lots of words

Every morning. Every evening. Lots of words. Checking, checking, checking. Not just me. Others too. Lots of eyes.

Peacock butterfly in between lots of words

There are hundreds of these peacock butterflies in the garden just now. Their wings look like paintings. I love the colours.

Tendu: lots of words

And ARCs. Advance reader copies. I’m doing those this time. Bookish people can apply here if they like.

Historical Fiction

I’ve been forgetting to mention these books, and all their many words, lately, so here they are.

Historical Fiction by Ailish Sinclair

They combine little-known dark events with love stories and a hint of magic.

“Ethereal and spellbinding….” Historical Novel Society

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    1. Thank you, both. It felt a little like I stumbled in here after a day of writing and muttered incoherently about words and eyes, so I’m glad it made sense 🙂

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