Duff House Mausoleum, Banff, Aberdeenshire

steps of Duff House Mausoleum

I wandered through the woods to the 18th century Duff House Mausoleum.

It’s about a mile away from the majestic Duff House, now an art gallery, and about two miles from the Bridge of Alvah. When I was a child the house was in quite a rough state but still open to the public. A lot of the furniture was covered in sheets, paint peeled off the walls and spooky music floated up from the lower levels.

I loved it.

I still do.

Duff House

The front of Duff House Mausoleum:

Duff House mausoleum

And round the back…

knight at Duff House Mausoleum

To an effigy of a knight. Sadly it is not Robert the Bruce as once purported by the Earl who built the mausoleum. The skulls, crossbones and wheat are quite common on older graves in Aberdeenshire.

Below: the interior of the mausoleum taken through the metal door.

inside Duff House Mausoleum

During autumn in Scotland the days seem to be either golden or grey, sunny or dreich. It didn’t get properly light at all on this day, but autumn added its gold regardless.

The River Deveron:

River Deveron

I came upon an old dog grave in the lower parts of Wrack Wood. The dogs had lovely Dickensian sounding names.

dog grave

Grey and golden, the colours of the day:

grey and golden leaf

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  1. How devastatingly beautiful. Scotland is a truly magical place, much like Ireland for all of its inspirational ruins and wondrous stories. England holds it own, too, to be fair, but pictures like these make me long to see my cousins again. Lovely post, thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the leaves on the trees and on the ground in several of your pictures. They are helping me to anticipate the autumn (a little late in coming, where I am).

  3. This is so interesting. It seems so right to see these things of the centuries framed in the golden patter of this season. Thanks for sharing these glimpses.

  4. I’ve heard of a dog’s dinner but not a dogs’ graveyard. And I do do love a Mausoleum. Thanks for the article and great photos.

  5. O Ailish, thanks for a wonderful autumn walk … dusk is falling here in the Czech Republic now, hot coffee will be accurate now, after such an amazing article from You. Greetings from Moravia!

  6. I would LOVE that mausoleum. Must visit someday. There’s so much I need to see in Scotland. Beautiful photos, all, but that one of the river is stunning. Here’s to more sunny gold than grey.

  7. What an imposing house! I am glad it has found a new purpose. What a shame the mausoleum can’t be used for something. Here in West Wales the leaves are just beginning to turn colour but sadly mostly to dull browns!

  8. Intriguing and lovely photos, and the one of the river is stunningly beautiful. I would like to be there now.

    I started to read “Fireflies and Chocolate” and am enjoying it very much. So far the world is still a good place in the story …
    I did not have as much time for reading as I had hoped, life has been a bit hectic lately. Is that not weird for a retiree to say? Better than boring though ….
    Greetings from autumnal Denmark!

  9. I would have been visiting Scotland next month, except Covid got in the way. These photos make me even sadder I won’t be coming. People think I’m crazy but this time of year is when I enjoy visiting Scotland the most.

  10. I have to say I love the graves of the dogs, such respect! I haven’t got hold of your latest book as I have been a bit distracted with the plague over in our neck of the Globe! My wife has just finished the M and B one and loved it.

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