Chasing Nacreous Clouds

Nacreous clouds have been appearing over Scotland in the last few weeks. They’re quite stunning, but my phone camera is really not up to the job of capturing the mother-of-pearl beauty of them.

This was my first attempt last week:

Nacreous clouds in a dark sky
Nacreous clouds

But then on Christmas Eve, this happened in the sky:

Nacreous clouds

I would like to say that I ran through the woods to see the clouds, but it wouldn’t be true. It was getting dark, and falling over can bring on an autoimmune flare-up, so I walked. Carefully and briskly.

Nacreous clouds through the trees

And there they were.

Nacreous clouds over water

The clouds were actually more pink than orange.

Nacreous clouds

The ‘big camera’ has had its battery charged and is awaiting another show!

Nacreous clouds in the dark

Article on nacreous clouds from the Met Office

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  1. I had to look them up — having never heard of this before in the U.S. Even the photos are breathtaking, as though the pictures on this site were ever not. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The clouds are actually more pink than orange. I like. Excellent photography. You complete & acturatly capture the sky & clouds.

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