2023 Moments: Dancing, Castles, Books…

2023 moments: book nook

I loved visiting the Pink House in Banff with its gorgeous wee book nook.

2023 moments: en pointe in a stone circle

Dancing among ancient stones in my ancient pointe shoes. That was fun.

2023 moments: red maple autumn leaves

Autumn was gentle and beautiful this year.

2023 moments: Bow Fiddle Rock

Visiting Bow Fiddle Rock was scenic and slippery.


Being diabolical: good, and not so good.

2023 moments: Provost Skene's House in Aberdeen

I had an interesting time exploring Provost Skene’s House in Aberdeen.

the dark of the castle

Getting A Dancer’s Journey out there into the world felt like a big moment. I enjoyed writing this Dark of the Castle post.

2023 moments: Fyvie Castle

More recent favourite moments: Christmas at Fyvie Castle and walking round the frozen loch there.

Really, being well for large chunks of the year was the highlight for me. I got out. I got books out. It was good.

A Meme of Book Blurbs

And then, the other day, this meme really made me laugh. I don’t know who to credit with its creation; it’s doing the rounds on Facebook. It looks like it might be from a book; if you know, do tell me.

book blurbs; glossary of terms

So, I’m going to blurb my books this way. Feel free to do the same with your own, or any books you love, in the comments. Links welcome. No bashing of other authors or books, though. Not here.

historical novels of Ailish Sinclair
  • TENDU: disturbing.
  • CABRIOLE: perceptive.
  • FOUETTÉ: this one is a bit difficult; I’ll go with classic.

Wishing you all a great 2024 with many marvellous moments!

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17 Replies to “2023 Moments: Dancing, Castles, Books…”

  1. Love your photos. I try to use photos I have taken myself in my blog, but do not always manage them well and have trouble putting them side my side or lined up relevantly with the text.
    Happy New Year to you too. In New Zealand Christmas/New Year coincides with summer holidays which is something I have had difficulty getting used to even after 53 years residence.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you, Judith. I have found that recent updates to WordPress have made placement of photos much more difficult. I hope they sort that out soon.

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