Woodpeckers, Windows and Small Business!

Three little woodpeckers. Fighting in a tree. That’s what I encountered on my daily walk today. Turn up the sound and you can hear them, along with a distant pheasant.

#AWindowOnScotland is a nice little tag on Twitter at the moment. Lots of lovely views from Scottish windows. Mine:

window, no woodpeckers

Talking of Twitter, and good things, I’m collaborating in a great initiative to help small businesses, especially ones that have fallen through the gaps of governmental help. I’ll be retweeting lots of wonderful products and services between 9-10pm GMT tomorrow, Friday 17th April on the tag #CelebsForSmallBiz (yes, that is Mrs Fitz from Outlander!)


The Evening Express have published a wee article on the next book, Fireflies and Chocolate here.

Meanwhile, The Mermaid and the Bear sits among the primroses, flowers that I ate while researching medieval foods for it! See research article.

The Mermaid and the Bear in the primroses

Now free on Kindle Unlimited.  Also available in paperback. Book info page here.

Stay safe and well. Look after yourselves. For me, this involves sitting in the sun, eating chocolate and listening to those woodpeckers!

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  1. Eating flowers as part of your historical research! Wow! You really get into your work, don’t you?! I appreciate such dedication to accuracy. I’m sure it makes your writing much more believable. Just be careful what you eat. 🙂

  2. I loved your book, hope the review generated some sales. I thought the beginning of your blog : Three little woodpeckers fighting in a tree – was the start of a children’s song!

  3. tac tac tac….. tac tac tac… By now it’s a few weeks ago since I heard woodpeckers pecking wood in a wood during one of my own walks. I haven’t heard them again.

  4. So excited to hear you’re participating in support for small businesses! Also, thanks for sharing the window image and the video. That little bit of woodland magic brightened my day!

  5. When I lived in Wales there was a stream running down the side of the garden with a wooded bank beyond and I loved the sound of the woodpeckers, even more so when they visited the garden too. Such beautiful birds!
    And at this time of year the bank would be filling with wild primroses too, and there was great joy in spotting where new clumps were developing each spring.
    Thank you for the sweet memories. 🙂

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