Winter in Scotland: let it snow

Winter in Scotland: Strichen lake, a snowy Scottish scene

It’s raining here in Scotland this winter, but I’m thinking about snow. I’m still a bit monstrous, but I’m thinking about pretty things, sparkly things, Christmas baubles and frost and ice.

Winter in Scotland

That’s the loch in Strichen Community Park above, and below.

Winter in Scotland: A Scottish snowy scene, Strichen Lake

And then stones. I think about them a lot. Witchy ones in the half light of approaching snow:

Winter in Scotland: Snowy Scottish scenes: the witch stone

Bronze Age ones. The Memsie Burial Cairn:

Winter in Scotland:  Burial Cairn in the snow

And circles. Of course, those.

Winter in Scotland: stone circle in the snow

My thoughts go to the woods of Delgatie Castle…

A Snowy Scottish scene in Delgatie woods

I would like to be marching along those paths.

Winter in Scotland: snowy track

Just look at the fluffy trees…

Winter in Scotland: snowy trees at Delgatie

Closer to home, there’s the field.

Winter in Scotland: snowy Scottish scenes

Track newly cleared by the farmer:

Tractor tracks in the snow

And then there’s a fox!

Winter in Scotland: fox in the snow

And deer bottoms…

deer bottoms in the snow

I mustn’t forget frost at the beach. I love the crunch of the sand.

Winter in Scotland: frost at the beach

The low winter sun shines through.

Low sun in the snow: snowy Scottish scenes

Here’s hoping we get some snow soon.


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145 Replies to “Winter in Scotland: let it snow”

  1. Really beautiful photos. With all about your land in turmoil, stay safe. Wash your hand etc. These pics are impossibly beautiful, and I can enjoy them without needing a coat.Terrific

  2. Stunning pictures of winter weather. I love Scotland in any weather but these snow photo’s are spectacular Thanks for sharing and stay safe during these trying times.

  3. I still love Scotland best in summer … 😉 … but on the photos it looks rather enchanting, especially on the last one.

    For that review she did not have to read the book … she does not know what she is missing … 😉
    I hope you will get better soon!

  4. Excellent photography. Just looking at the photos, I can sense the muffled quietness and feel the chill in the air! Here in the “sunny South,” I love to see the snow but hate the problems it causes. (Most drivers here can’t handle it!)

  5. Oh my word, these are beautiful images! What a beautiful part of the world. No snow in our neighbourhood either. If only it would stay like this until spring. But no, I expect January to be her usual grumpy fierce self. Meanwhile, this is lovely.

  6. I’ve been to Scotland on holiday so many times, but always in May or September. I’ve always been curious about seeing it in the Winter, with snow and frost changing the landscapes that I know. But really, its all fairly remote even in May and September and can only imagine how scary and tricky it can be in harsh weather. Its bad enough down here in Suburbia, England.

  7. Gorgeous scenery, Ailish. We didn’t make it to Scotland this year but are hoping for next year. Of course we will be going in September, but if we go another time, I’d love to go in winter!

  8. This summer I travelled to Scotland for the first time and the Outer Hebrides (and did a post on it too…), I can’t believe how beautiful it is. It looks magical when snow-covered!

  9. I’ve only been blessed to spend a whopping 40 hours in Scotland. And though a brief fling, it remains an example of love at first sight. Thank you for sharing these with us so we can all enjoy, even from afar!

  10. Beautiful. Thanks for the good cheer. I especially love the one with the winter sun shining through. Speaking of shining through, I believe my book that you advised on will make it to release before Christmas. Hopefully on Winter Solstice if all goes well. 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Idyllic snow photos and it’s so unusual to see ones of snow and sand … as for the trail it looks so enticing and one feels compelled to set off and explore!

  12. Beautiful pictures❣️ Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading the writing too. I pray God makes a miraculous change in your life all according to His Will, and may your heart find joy, peace and healing in Jesus Christ’s name I pray this for you. Once again thanks for the beautiful scenery.

  13. Well that is a timely post Ailish! I finished your book two days ago and I have to say it was really well written and I enjoyed it thoroughly, I loved the way you lured me in, slapped me down and picked me up in the end! Well done and I would recommend reading your book about a tragic period in history, Thank you.

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