Serenity and Snowberries

A serene loch: serenity and snowberries

The sun is low as we approach the end of the year; the loch, serene. The snowberries, also known as ghostberries or waxberries, are out in the woods like little lights in the dark.

snowberries in the woods

Skies are dramatic at the beach but, again, somehow serene.

dramatic skies over the beach: snowberries and serenity

And that’s what I wish for us all in December and on into 2024. Serenity. Peace. Joy. The good things. And lots of them.

A New Review of Fireflies and Chocolate

I was quite touched to see this thoughtful review of Fireflies from writer Gemma Brook this morning: “Elizabeth has a lilting Scottish accent, so rich and natural I can hear it easily in my head. She speaks to us directly, and she’s a charming storyteller, though she goes through some troubled times... Dark days and nights lie ahead for Elizabeth, but there is light in the darkness: her own strong spirit, and good people around her (along with some thoroughly despicable characters, sadly quite believable).

Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair

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A Dancer's Journey series by Ailish Sinclair

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26 Replies to “Serenity and Snowberries”

  1. Those are some very pretty pictures. Thanks for the Christmas wishes. May your Christmas be filled with fun, laughter, and the creation of great memories with your friends and family

  2. Beautiful photos, Ailish. The snowberries do look like little lights. LEDs maybe? It’s a great review of “Fireflies and Chocolate,” and well-deserved, I’m sure. It’s on my growing list, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. Great photos and still love that title “Fireflys and Chocolate”. One of these days I will figure out where I can read this as it’s not available on my ereader.

    1. Yes, it is exclusive to kindle. You can get free kindle apps for phones, tablets and computers, if that’s any help. Sometimes there are free trials of kindle unlimited too.

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