Chasing a Cover Reveal Along Snowy Pathways

snowy path to a cover reveal

The cover reveal for FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE!

Other reveals can be seen here for THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR, and more recently, SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

Last time I had a cover to reveal we journeyed down a rabbit hole to find it… but I haven’t been anywhere exciting like that lately, so we’ll have to stick closer to home, starting on the snowy track into the woods.

Reaching the end of the track, we nip up this narrow path:

narrow path to a cover reveal

Here we are on the loch-side walk now, sunshine to our left.

sunny path in the woods

Wait! What’s that? Something’s moving in the woods, running and leaping through the trees…

The Mermaid and the Bear by Ailish Sinclair in the snow by deer tracks

No, that’s not it. That’s the first book (out now!) and some foot prints left by a deer. We need to retrace our steps, I think…

Snowy track to a cover reveal

And yes – finally we come to it – the cover reveal for FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE, out April 1st 2021!

Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair, out 2021

The cup featured on the cover is an actual chocolate cup from the 1740s when the book is set.

Inspired by the 600 children and young people who were kidnapped from Aberdeen and sold into indentured servitude in the American Colonies, the story follows the adventures of Elizabeth Manteith and her determined efforts to get back home. There’s love. There’s proper derring-dos on the high seas (as opposed to my previous metaphorical ones)! And there’s chocolate…

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82 Replies to “Chasing a Cover Reveal Along Snowy Pathways”

  1. I, for one, am very excited for this book to come out! Looking forward to how you weave the two stories together, considering how the heroine in this one also happens to bear the name Manteith. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations! I’m so excited to read this next book! What a lovely and interesting chocolate cup. I’ve never seen one of that style. I’m glad you were able to progress on your book despite your challenging year last year. I’ll be watching for the release with great anticipation!

  3. I love the cover and look forward to reading the book. The chocolate cup reminds me of the chocolate set I inherited from my Grandmother (she was born in 1898). In the meantime I’m going to settle in by the fire on this cold day with a cup of hot chocolate and read The Mermaid and the Bear. πŸ™‚

  4. Firstly, many thanks for following my blog Ailish, greatly appreciated! As a hillwalker and a blogger I reckon paths are always a great backdrop for any story. Paths travel through so many different types of terrain and location that they are damn near stories in their own right. Every one is different and each one has a different ending.

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