Down the Rabbit Hole… to a Book Cover!

white rabbit

At first it doesn’t feel quite real… where is the white rabbit leading?

down the rabbit hole

Down, or as is more accurate, through, a giant rabbit hole!


To a place of unicorns…

miniature castle

And a miniature castle. You can go inside, and peer out like a giant:

view from castle window, almost at the book cover now

This is where the rabbit has been leading… to the book cover!

The Mermaid and the Bear cover

Set in a castle in Aberdeenshire and out in the Autumn, THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR features a fictional account of three real women who were accused of witchcraft in 1597. It’s also a love story. And the cover makes it all very real now to Ailish (the Gaelic form of Alice)…

She needs to have a nice lie down like the huge white rabbit in the Playful Garden at Brodie Castle.

huge white rabbit

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The Mermaid and the Bear is out now in both paperback and Kindle. 




77 Replies to “Down the Rabbit Hole… to a Book Cover!”

  1. I’m sure the book will be as interesting and well-written as your posts so I’m looking forward to the publication.
    Yes, a cover does make it seem much more real, doesn’t it? I created a book cover for my stalled story (I can’t believe how long ago this was!) as a way to get me going again:
    It did for a while, but I’ve only just picked up again and wrote a couple of chapters over the past fortnight.

  2. Love the book cover.! The illustrations on book covers are most important as this is the initial selling point. Interesting post and the illustration of that wonderful rabbit hole is very enticing. Good luck

        1. I love haggis. It’s spicy and delicious. If it’s the idea of offal that’s off-putting, the vegetarian varieties are very good and favoured by many non- vegetarians for that reason.

  3. What a great cover, and I loved your post with the white rabbit and the rabbit hole! Makes me want to read this book NOW. I’ll wait patiently if I must. I also learned that my middle name, Alice, is from the Gaelic. I know some of my mom’s family history but it doesn’t go farther back than the shores of America. However, it has always been adamant among family members that they are Scotch-Irish. I think that might have connection to mom’s choice of Alice for my middle name. Thanks for the bit of learning.

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