Calm and Steadfast like a Tree

steadfast like a tree

That’s how I feel today. Calm. Steadfast. A little like a tree.

I’m back in the place where I’m happy. Writing. Of course, writing.

Steadfast Writing Update

A Dancer’s Journey is basically complete. The third and final title comes out next week, and I’m now working on the connected series. These are gentler books, shorter books, so they can be cheaper books, and they feel peaceful somehow. Easier. There’s no dramatic violence or explicit naughtiness, though the characters are dealing with dark issues from their pasts. I’ll still be adding a wee content warning on them, vague again so as not to cause harm to those who shouldn’t even read certain words.

And then, once that series is out – my autoimmune body will have its say on the timing of that – I can write something new.

There’s another witchy historical beckoning, but I also love writing contemporary. So both may have to happen…

A Witchy Historical

If you like castles, Scotland, history, witches, stone circles and Christmas done medieval-style, you might like THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR. There’s also a love story.

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“A delight from end to end…” from Undiscovered Scotland

Recent article from Neil Drysdale in the Press and Journal: Should we really have fun at Halloween when the north-east led the great execution of witches? 

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13 Replies to “Calm and Steadfast like a Tree”

  1. I love your “calm and steadfast like a tree” opening. It brought to mind a verse in the Bible (Psalm 1:1-3) that describes those who delight in God as being like trees planted by a stream, bearing fruit and prospering. It’s a wonderful place to be especially when our lives and the world are tumultuous. I live in Florida where palm trees bend, but rarely break or become uprooted – even in hurricanes. May you continue to remain calm and steadfast in that peaceful place. Your photo is beautiful also.

  2. I am glad that you feel calm, steadfast, and that the writing is basically complete. May you have a good rest. Wishing you all the best on the health front, too. It can be difficult emotionally to live with that, and I hope the writing helps, and rest. Have a good December 🙂

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