Spoonie Days, a Pink Sunrise and Snowy Spring

sunrise on a spoonie day

That was a beautiful pink sunrise a few weeks ago over a local doocot. Before I got ill. And spoonie time started. Again. Sigh.

Having revelled my way through the beauty of winter, celebrating the fact I was staying so well, I have been struck down once more. But I’ve been a lot worse. And I’m not in hospital, so that’s good. And, as my appearance here today shows, the medication is starting to kick in.

Spoonie Days

I have managed to keep up my writing schedule. My first spoon of the day goes on that. There’s quite a good explanation of the term spoonie here. Basically, spoons represent the energy you have for tasks and activities each day. And with chronic illness, the spoons can be very limited.

A Dancer’s Journey Series

Quote from TENDU by Ailish Sinclair

These books are long, and involved. They’re rather a Magnum Opus at over 100,000 words each. They’re all at different stages of the editing/proofing process. I’m so enjoying working with all the editing feedback and bringing them together into something strange, intense and, hopefully, beautiful. So they will still be out this year. I will not stop till they’re done. Update: Amazon!

But that’s my blogging spoon spent. For today. I’ll leave you with the scene that greets me most mornings at the moment… I’m not sure what happened to spring!

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  • If you like castles, Scotland, history, witches, stone circles and Christmas done medieval-style, you might like THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR. There’s also a love story.
  • FIREFLIES AND CHOCOLATE was inspired by the kidnapped children of 18th century Aberdeen, and is set in both Scotland and Colonial Pennsylvania.

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45 Replies to “Spoonie Days, a Pink Sunrise and Snowy Spring”

  1. Spoonie Days was a new term to me. I can definitely related while recovering from elective surgery (which is not as long lasting as a chronic illness.) Hope Spring fines you up and feeling much better in a short period of time.

  2. My heart sank when you wrote you were ill again. Pleased you’re on the mend. Wishing you many joyfully productive, happy days ahead.

  3. Sending virtual energy your way, Ailish. It must be difficult living with chronic illness; I wish you the best, and many beautiful pink sunrises.

  4. I’m familiar with the concept, but had never heard the term before. Also heard in terms of we all have a bucket, but people with disabilities’ buckets are full of the demands of the disability, and spill over much more quickly.
    I like the idea of spoons much better, points to more self-agency.
    Sorry you have to measure with illness. Hope you feel revived soon! ❤

  5. I enjoy the going back and editing my first draft better than the writing that first draft. I fill in all the spicy details and take out all the junk. Thanks for explaining about spoonies. Pretty much sums up my (chronic) pain days as well. I hope you’ll continue to improve and pile up those spoons.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I hope you will soon improve, and I wish you much larger spoons to make your days easier and more fulfilling. May God bless you with better health.

  7. Gorgeous photos! The pink sunrise is stunning. (I had to Google doocot as I have never heard of the term.)

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