I’m Ailish and I Write Romps

Ailish Sinclair romps in the garden

I do. I write romps. I can’t seem to help myself. If I try to write a thriller, a romp appears. A sweet romance? Nope. That quickly goes dark and rompy.

When THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR was on submission, one publisher said they felt they were reading ‘a medieval romp’ and that they were looking for something more serious. It was a fair comment, though I assume they didn’t reach the witchcraft accusations of the story. That press has since gone out of business, and the publishing house that accepted the book is great to work with, so that turned out well for Mermaid.

Undeterred, I romp on. In my writing, and in the garden…

Ailish Sinclair romps upside down

And the latest of the romps is OUT TODAY!

Tendu romps on the tube

Enjoy a kiss on the London tube. Romp up and down the castle stairs! Dance in a stone circle. Attend a Ceilidh in the great hall. Have your brain studied in the dungeon. All fun, I assure you. Well, not quite all…

Scotland’s all misty lochs and magical forests and perfect boyfriends, right?

When dance student Amalphia Treadwell embarks on a secret relationship with her charismatic new teacher, she has no idea of the danger that lurks in his school in Scotland…

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A Wee Interview

The Wee Writing Lassie has interviewed me for her blog. Various questions, some sillier than others, will be being answered there all week. See them here

Some of the reviews from my lovely ARC readers

  • “This book has so much representation in its characters with autism, dyslexia, medical issues and LGBTQ+ characters…” Emma-Louise on Goodreads and TikTok
  • “Knowing there are two more books in the series made it easier to accept that the tale was coming to an end. It can be so hard to finish a book when you are loving the story so much.” Molly on Amazon.com

Posts on the inspiration behind TENDU


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